Attention: The Newsies Strike Starts Now!

Brampton Music Theatre presents Disney’s Newsies

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The time has finally come to carry the banner.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been helping bring this wonderful musical to life. I gotta say, it’s so fulfilling, energizing, and rewarding to watch the next generation of stage performers hone their skills, and rise to the challenge.

They’re learning what it takes to be a stage performer in Canada and I must say… This cast is SO damn talented.

They’re hard workers.

They’re enthusiastic!

They’ve learned that singing and dancing at the same time isn’t as easy as it looks!

But most importantly… They’ve become FRIENDS.

I want you to see and hear what they’re working on. Because I’m super proud.

And… they’re making the dance moves look SO fun.

For one weekend only, our production of NEWSIES hits the stage! Will you support the NEWSIES in their fight?

Watch the Newsies sing, dance, and STRIKE at The Rose Theatre, Brampton Ontario.

Thursday March 28 – Sunday March 31, 2019

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– Shawn Byfield

As a sought-after presenter, choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To start learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.

DANCE LOVERS: What To Do In Toronto On Family Day?

Hey Toronto dance lovers! It may be cold out there, but it’s always hot in the studio.

If you’re a fan of tap dance or hip hop, get yourself on the dance floor and into one of these workshops.

Warm your body, and an even warmer soul with some hot moves and fresh new inspiration!

Visit the pages below for more info:

Tap Dance Workshop

Get some rhythm in your life in this awesome Family Day tap dance class.

Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Burn the floor and get your groove on in this energizing hip hop class.

In the spirit of Family Day, don’t forget to bring your favourite buddy, the family you choose.

Let’s dance!

– Shawn Byfield

Trophies Are Nice, But This Is Better

DANCE COMPETITION SEASON is around the corner! Here’s a rehearsal snippet from a flamenco inspired #tapdance from last year’s season.

Press Here To Watch

Sure winning trophies are nice, but creating a memorable, challenging piece is always much more rewarding. This solo was best of all worlds, winning numerous categories and big scholarships, while providing a fulfilling challenge to my wonderfully smart student Lara.

I choreographed to a beautiful arrangement of a Gypsy song, “Seresta**” The entire piece was extremely musical, and filled with passion using complex, flamenco syncopation, a range of dynamics, and lots of space in the intro. Plus, listen to the time signature, one of my faves to work in! 🎶🎶

– Shawn B

**SERESTA performed by Dizzy Gillespie United & Nations Orchestra

Even Though Styles Change… THIS is Always In Fashion

Styles change. Trends disappear. But know what’s always in fashion?


Because saying THANK YOU never goes out of style. 📸 shot by #wweiimage @wweiimage Website

Had an incredible time emceeing Toronto Kids Fashion Week, both shows were SOLD OUT. I brought positive energy, showed some of my dance moves, and kept the event FUN and entertaining.

Congratulations to the models, all designers and the entire team behind the scenes!

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Toronto Adults: Here’s Tap Dance And Hip Hop Dance Classes You ACTUALLY Want To Take


Shawn Byfield and Byfield Dance Experience team in the community, warming up participants for Toronto Pearson Runway Run. Photo: Alejandro Quintero

Who’s in your circle? Life is too short to only be around grumpy people. In 2019, surround yourself with people who ACTUALLY want to see you happy, healthy, and positive!


Looking for somewhere with a non-competitive atmosphere? Want to just let loose and vibe, without feeling like you need to impress anyone? You’re in luck.

You can finally learn to tap dance in this beginner tap dance class at Byfield Dance Experience.  Or if you have years of experience, check out our the other Toronto tap dance classes. “Regular awesome people” attend after a long day of work or university. Students come to unwind, while fuelling their passion for tapdance.

Need to get a grip on your health? You can also ramp up your fitness level in a fun and funky hip hop dance class called Hip Hop Dance Workout. WARNING: If you don’t like sweating, this is not for you!


Check out the classes before spots fill up, you’ll be glad you did! Amazing dance coaches, lots of teeth smiles, and bottomless high-fives. Start your new year putting your BEST foot forward, with the right people.

Shawn Byfield