If You’re A Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach Or Offer Nutrition Or Skincare, DON’T MISS THIS…

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So tomorrow I’ll have a room full of 40+ models who need to look good and stay in shape.



Yes I can totally tell them to dance with me. My amazing Toronto dance classes are proven to help you stay fit, improve your skin, burn calories, increase your stamina, mold you a sexier ass, and put you in a much better mood all week long…

…But what about the ones who don’t want to dance? Who is going to help them?


Go here to get access: www.TeaseLifestyle.com


Don’t Believe The Hype

Media and negative friends try to make us believe that there is no work. Times are tough, yes.

But it’s not doom and gloom. In fact, there is opportunity for lots of work if you look for it. And when you see it, you get off that ass I mentioned earlier, and go out and get it.


Good News For Lazy People!

My team and I have done the work for you.

I’m literally presenting an amazing opportunity for personal trainers, nutrition & wellness coaches, cosmetics & skincare reps or any health care expert a chance to double? perhaps triple your client base LITERALLY overnight.

You can have it, but only if you show up. Your future clients, potential subscribers and paying customers are already there. The only one missing is YOU.

What other products or services can you think of that models and industry professionals need? Do you know someone that offers it? Do you?


Show up. And Turn Up

Because it’s actually gonna be a kick ass masquerade party and night out. Fully stocked bar. Cool entertainers also! But you’ll have to attend to witness the surprise… And it all happens at one of the classiest venues right downtown Toronto on King Street West.


Dress Like You Mean It

Dress the part. Look fabulous.

And surround yourself with a community of opportunity. Your network determines your net worth. My business cards are ready, but are YOURS?

Go here to get your tickets: www.TeaseLifestyle.com

I’m curious to see who jumps on the opportunity. Don’t forget your business cards!

See you there,

– Shawn B
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CONGRATULATIONS Winners! (The Simple, PROVEN, 2 Step Formula For Winning At Everything)

23 Mar do you

do you

I LOVE hearing good news from my dancers and friends.

Just found out one of them made the callback for Argos Cheerleaders! Out of 165 girls fighting to get paid to dance, do community work, and cheer on Toronto’s Grey Cup winning team, she’s in!

PLUS: one of my friends, after shadowing me, improving her presentation skills and contacting the right people went from adjudicating ZERO competitions to judging 8 events this year. Zero to hero, just like that!

AND my littlest one who’s 12 (TWELVE, just to be clear) got FIRST PLACE in her tap category, AND first place junior soloist in the ENTIRE competition- that’s hundreds of entries… twice! (She did this last month too)

I’m so very proud of you girls, you worked your BUTTS OFF. I know you wanted this, and I believed in you. Still do, it isn’t over!

I’m honoured to be part of a winning team.

Now On The Flip Side…

Those are just a few stories. Now on the flip side, if only everyone actually listened to me, ugghh.

I have the world’s SIMPLEST two-step formula for winning. The dancers who invest in my training are successful because they are:

  1. COACHABLE and
  2. Put in the WORK

Because of the world’s simplest, easy-as-pie, doesn’t-require-a-scientist, actionable two steps (ONLY TWO!) they performed with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Stratford Festival, Disney, Broadway, major movies and more. They get to share their passion with the world, and bring in many tens of thousands of dollars. The BIG bucks.

Dance and get paid? Trust me, it’s not a bad deal.

But allow me to be BLUNT: If you want it, you need to…

Shut Your Pie Hole

Sad part is, most of us are stuck in ego and excuse world. Why you “can’t” do this and why you “can’t” do that. “I’m not this enough. I’m not that enough.”

Shut your pie hole and open your eyes, because others are ALREADY doing what you want to achieve! Look around you! Turn on the TV, read a magazine, open a book, look online… There’s no question that whatever you want is possible…

…YOU just need to invest the time and resources to get there.


Your investment always pays off in the end- IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH and you’re willing to shut up, put your ego aside, and work with someone who can ACTUALLY get you there.

Think about it. What’s your response when Ryan asks you:

What do you want?

What do you WANT??

I already know it will happen, I know you will win. And I’m always rooting for you! =D

– Shawn B

Shawn-thumbnailAs a sought-after dance choreographer, performer, presenter, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who dance, train and mentor with him every year. To get your group learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends! Email Shawn@ShawnByfield.com right now.

Say You Like Big Butts? You’ll Love This Big-Ass Birthday Sale

12 Mar


Yes it’s my birthday! I usually like to have what I call a Shawnathon this time of year.

Thank you for all your warm birthday wishes, and for putting a smile on my face and supporting dance in Toronto. In exchange, wear a smile on YOUR face and give your butt a big discount on Toronto hip hop dance classes or awesome tap dance classes. This Shawnathon won’t happen again until *maybe* next year!

Only a few hours left…

– Shawn B

WOW… Here’s Why ASKHOLES Drive Me Nuts!

25 Feb askhole

askhole Funny, but not funny post. One of the most frustrating people I meet: ASKHOLES.

“Someone who continually asks for advice and does nothing with it”

If you didn’t know this about me already:

I LOVE helping you. I really do.

I know I’m a wired encourager and my purpose is to help others achieve their higher potential. It’s embedded deep in my dna to support anyone trying to make a positive difference on a personal, family, community or global level. I’ll always be on your side, rooting for you to win! However…

…I can only encourage, challenge and cheer you on so much.

I discovered askholes a long time ago, and unfortunately, they still live among us. These people have to be willing to accept advice, stop asking more questions, stop looking for more motivation, stop reading more quotes, stop making excuses and actually IMPLEMENT the steps, strategies, feedback and advice given.

It drives me nuts when someone repeatedly asks what I think they should do, then they go do something else. Why did you waste my time? More importantly, why did you waste yours?

Round And Round They Go


It’s like being on a hamster wheel.

Those cute pets* will run and run and run, thinking they’re getting ahead. In reality, even though the wheel goes round and round they’re actually in the same physical place. (*Hairy rodents? Mice with fur?)

Sometimes, askholes don’t even realize their destructive habit. They have to get off the hamster wheel of seeking advice with little intention of implementing, and start DOING.

Read what Darren Hardy has to say about Askholes here.

If you know you’re struggling with this, help is out there. Know that I love you, but I refuse to support your habit! And if you’re not, know that it’s NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do the work for the askholes around you.

Share this with all the askholes in your life and let’s all grow together,

– Shawn B =) Tweet Me



Shawn-thumbnailAs a sought-after dance choreographer, performer, presenter, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who dance, train and mentor with him every year. To get your group learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends! Email Shawn@ShawnByfield.com right now.

#1 Lesson Haters Gonna Learn From Britney Spears

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Does it pay to be crazy? Here’s #Motivation:

Britney Spears has actually only been in the pop business for a few years. Her first album came out in 1999.

To date she’s sold over 100 MILLION albums worldwide. Forbes Magazine recently recognized her as the highest paid female recording artist, $58M, in 2012.

Haters Gon’ Hate

Here’s the lesson. Pay attention haters…

Because while you were judging, she earned residual/royalty income while she slept. Royalty income is where you get paid month after month, year after year, for work that you did ONCE.

Hit me baby one more time!
– Said her bank account in Zurich

When she got married in Vegas, she got paid. While making babies with K-Fed, she got paid. And when she went all circus on us and cut her hair, you guessed it… Cha-ching!


How will YOUR next 15 years look? What plan do you have in place to earn residual income? If you don’t have one, don’t hate on her success. I have a few growing as I write this. It’s not Brit Brit money, but it does mean in 15 years I’ll never have to work again for the rest of my life (if I choose not to.)

More importantly…

…I’m excited of all the ways I’ll be able to make a difference in my community, including charity donations, scholarships, retiring my mother, educational and program funding, and so much more.

You don’t need pop star talent to get paid like one. But in order to make the royalties, you have to do the WORK.

I have a few solid ideas I need help with, so if you’re interested in being Spears crazy or just want to learn more about residual income, EMAIL me today.

Well? Hit me up baby!

– Shawn B


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