BREAKING NEWS: Favourite Toronto Dance Studio Gets WOW From Celebrity Christopher Walken

22 Apr Walken-promo1


If famous Hollywood actors say so, it’s gotta be good! Byfield Dance Experience is proud to be totally endorsed by Christopher Walken!*

*Byfield Dance Experience is totally NOT endorsed by Christopher Walken. But we’re that good, we could be

Offer EXPIRES April 26th. Wowie wow wow! Walk-in to Byfield Dance Experience THIS WEEK and grab yourself a cowbell. If no cowbells are around, grab a Drop-In Pass instead, and dance your @ss off. Save 13% off Drop-In Passes! Cash only.

YOU MUST SHOW THIS PHOTO from your smartphone to get discount.

Just walk-in when we’re op-in. Get schedule here. See you soon at 819 Yonge Street, Toronto!

CONSUMER BEWARE! Burying Your Head In The Sand Won’t Protect You

21 Apr featured-image-INCREASE

head in sand

You’ve been warned. NUMEROUS TIMES.

Not just from myself, not just from the Ontario Energy Board, and not just from the Government…

…But also from the media. Consumers, beware! Energy rates are increasing. Let me be really clear:

Energy Rates Are Going UP, Not Down

In fact, they ALREADY JUMPED 60% this April alone! Which means, if you haven’t spoken to a LICENSED ENERGY CONSULTANT like myself, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

What does that mean? It means this: We had a really cold winter. The province ran low on gas, so Enbridge and Union had to buy more. They don’t have money to pay for it, so that cost is passed on to the actual gas users- YOU.

They don’t have to pay for it- it’s YOUR house and YOUR biz, not theirs. They don’t control the weather. They simply provide a service so you don’t freeze to death.

In a really simple, dumbed down example, a 60% increase means this: If you had a $1000 gas bill in March, and you do nothing different with your energy usage, your next bill will be $1600.

That’s it. It’s really that simple.

And yes, the Government legally passed legislation to do that to you, so wipe that surprised look off your face!

Strapped For Cash? You Owe It To Your Family To Pay Attention

Read the news that matters. Listen to advice from professionals that have ACCURATE INFORMATION- like myself and my team of experts. If you want tooth advice, you see a dentist. If you want to design a house, you talk to an architect. Energy advice? You talk to me, a licensed energy consultant (I’m licensed to help in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.)

No offense, but… if you’re already having a difficult time making ends meet, burying your head in the sand and pretending “you didn’t know” won’t help you avoid rising energy costs to your home or your business. Just look at all the headlines…

Rising energy costs Ontario

Shaken, Not Stirred

Because sometimes I have to shake you up. To make you realize what’s really happening around you.

But there’s also great news:

If you want to avoid major increases in your future, you CAN price protect yourself, your family and your business- ALL FOR FREE (yes, legally a free service so nobody gets ripped off)

I protected my energy home energy bills, my studio energy bills, my existing customers have also, and so can you.

So no matter what happens in the marketplace, I don’t care (literally) because I’ve protected myself. Contact me right away, I will introduce you to some smart options. In fact, I’m licensed to help- but you have to want it and take action. The next increase comes May 1st. It’s LITERALLY all over the news… you’ve been warned.

- Shawn B

PS: I’m legally not allowed to predict anything. I can’t say I know what’s gonna happen. But here’s a thought to consider:

If you haven’t heard of global warming, it’s when summers get really HOT. When it’s hot (apparently we’re expecting a hotter summer) most people want to stay cool. Which means more people will use air conditioners. When that happens, electricity usage across the province spikes… you figure out the rest and imagine what could happen to your bills in the fall.

You’ve been warned. AGAIN? Sheesh.

Contact me right now to protect yourself.

MAKE YOUR MOVE: Newest Dance Movie Features Toronto Dance Talent

28 Mar feature-image-MAKE-YOUR-MOVE

It finally comes out!

And YES, I’m in this movie with Kpop superstar artist BoA, and Dancing With The Stars champ and actor Derek Hough. Same writer/director as Step Up and Save The Last Dance (Duane Adler- he’s awesome, I had a ton of fun working with him.) So if you enjoyed those energizing movies you’ll enjoy this also. =)

We shot Make Your Move (originally titled COBU) years ago, and rehearsed many of the dance scenes at schools across the city- including Toronto’s coolest dance studio Byfield Dance Experience. Heard of it?

This is also the film where I injured my back the FIRST TIME during rehearsals (remember all that acupuncture, massage and physio?) The second time was last year, randomly. But no worries, thanks to our amazing health professionals in Toronto, your boy is totally “back” to 100%.


The film comes out in North America April 18… when it shows in Toronto I’d like to do a big field trip to watch! Leave a comment below and let me know:

1.) If you’d like to have a movie date?

2.) Do you have a favourite scene in a dance movie?

I’ll keep you posted when I know more…
- Shawn Byfield

Black Canadian Awards Nominate Shawn Byfield In Top Six

18 Feb Black Canadian Awards nominate Shawn Byfield
Black Canadian Awards nominate Shawn Byfield

Black Canadian Awards nominate Shawn Byfield

I’m OFFICIALLY IN! And I’m asking for your help.

It’s true. I’m one of six amazing artists (out of 20,000 online votes) officially nominated in the 2014 BLACK CANADIAN AWARDS for Best Contemporary Dance Act.

What a remarkable honour! I’ve been dancing for 30 YEARS, and have always been a supporter of my community. It’s wonderful to be recognized for what I’ve done- and will continue to do on and off the stage now and years to come. I’m excited!

your favourite Canadian artists


Come support the Black Canadian Awards live show, March 1st in Toronto. It would be great to have friends and family cheering us on. You can get tickets at (group discounts available) and have a formal red carpet and entertaining night out.

- Shawn Byfield

Why Dancing Makes You An Irresistible Lover

13 Feb featured-image-IRRESISTABLE


Ok I admit: I’m a dance lover.

Seriously. From the dance floor to dating… who would have thought a sweet dance class can translate into a sweeter Valentine’s Day?

Or ANY day for that matter.

Because you don’t need a special holiday to dance- or to let someone special know that you got moves. In fact, the way you move on the dance floor is a pretty strong indicator of how you move somewhere else…

…so enjoy this throwback newspaper feature in Toronto’s Town Crier. I discuss with reporter Meagan Bowden three basic techniques to help build a strong relationship even AFTER the “day of love” passes.

Can you relate? Or do your hips lie? Share your comments,

- @ShawnByfield

Black Canadian Awards: VOTE Shawn Byfield

12 Feb
Black Canadian Awards nominee Shawn Byfield on stage with Samba Squad

Black Canadian Awards nominee Shawn Byfield on stage with Samba Squad – Ken Dobb

So if you didn’t know, I OFFICIALLY got word I’m a nominee for the 2014 Black Canadian Awards! (Best Contemporary Dance Act)

Here’s the email:

“We are excited to inform you of being in our Top 6 nominees from over 20,000 total nominations in the past eight months. We strongly believe all our nominees will benefit from our local and international publicity and media initiatives. Winners will be announced at the Black Canadian Awards on March 1st 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. The complete nominees list is on… Final voting will run from February 13th to 26th…”
VOTE Black Canadian Awards nominee Shawn Byfield

VOTE Black Canadian Awards nominee Shawn Byfield

Pretty sweet yes? Top six out of TWENTY THOUSAND nominations is a big deal. But it’s not over ’til it’s over… Most nominees win by a VOTE from awesome people like YOU. And awards are awesome!

Please support what I do, and support your favourite Black Canadian artists by VOTING HERE. It will only take a few seconds. THANK YOU so much.

You can also get tickets to watch the Black Canadian Awards show LIVE, so come on down and support some fantastic leaders. Stay tuned…

- Shawn Byfield

TORONTO: Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation… Only SOME PEOPLE Allowed

4 Feb
Shawn Byfield featured choreographer in Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation 2014

Shawn Byfield featured choreographer in Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation 2014

Sheesh! Some People…

Ok. I really shouldn’t have to convince anyone why you should support Toronto Theatre! But I realize more and more that people (not you, just “people”) tend to get lazy or indifferent when it comes to supporting the arts and culture.

Yet, those same people will sit home and watch TV all night. Not realizing that if it weren’t for live theatre, many of those actors, dancers and other artists wouldn’t have the opportunity to BE on television- if they weren’t supported in their local theatre community first.

For instance…
*cue black gurrl with head bobble*

Would you even know who Gene Kelly was? Read my “Impatient, Entitled, Wanna-Be Choreographers, Actors, etc” post.

So to convince you (I mean, people) that this is important, worthy stuff, here’s my…

Top 5 Awesome Reasons To Support Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation

  1. Support Black History Month. Because clearly, we still make a tremendous contribution to our city, country and our planet.
  2. Support Canada’s favourite black male dance choreographers, including Shawn Byfield. Who is more than awesome.
  3. A perfect chance to have a fun, extremely affordable and inspiring night out with friends or family that doesn’t break your bank account.
  4. Watch, learn about and appreciate many different styles of dance, from tap dance, to contemporary, to hip hop.
  5. Stop watching bullshit reality television, when you have more inspiring, positive and REAL messages right here in your own backyard.
  6. BONUS: Strong, dark, sexy black men. ’nuff said.

Runs Thursday February 6th to Saturday February 8th 2014, at Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto

Get Tickets Here

Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation features work from Canada’s finest male choreographers. I’m honoured to be one of the nine featured. I will be TAP DANCING in this show, and I’ve put together an energetic piece that will be different in parts each night!

Visit to learn more about their mandate, and why I’m a part of this terrific Toronto dance showcase.

- @ShawnByfield


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