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Shawn Byfield has invested nearly 25 years teaching tap dance, using the most effective tips, tap dance exercises and teaching methods for students nationwide. His Tap Dance Teacher Coaching Program is the culmination of all that he has learned and assimilated in that process.

It is designed to empower dance studio owners, tap dance teachers, and choreographers with new ideas, fresh choreography, and teaching strategies you’ll need to make a significant impact on the quality of your tap dance classes. You will learn how to give your students an unfair advantage on and off the stage- and how to take your classroom teaching skills to the next level.


(If you fall into any of these categories, this program is perfect for you)

  • Studio owners and directors who teach tap and need ideas and inspiration
  • Competitive tap dance teachers and dance class assistants who teach in studios or independently
  • Tap dance choreographers and students interested in creating more choreography in less time, and get more done each class
  • High level tap students interested in becoming a high-quality, effective, and respected teacher
  • And any tap students or teachers who want to improve the quality of learning in the classroom, increase your students enjoyment and lead your classes with more confidence


Shawn Byfield is an Award-Winning Choreographer and Dance Expert, Certified Public Speaker, Seasoned Adjudicator, and Respected Tap Dance Authority Nationwide.

As a GEMINI AWARD™ nominated performer and a sought-after dance choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who dance, train and mentor with him every year.

Whether talking about dance classes, choreography, motivation or marketing, Shawn’s message is fun and energetic: two things that are lacking in today’s world. For over 20 years dance teachers, adjudicators, choreographers, competition directors and studio owners have been positively impacted by his coaching methods and actionable lessons.

Students attending his tap dance classes, seminars and workshops leave with a better understanding of how to excel at their mental game, improve their technical teaching skills- all while fuelling their passion for dance.




Over two mornings and afternoons, the Tapdance Teacher Coaching Program will help you transform and inspire your tap students with fun tap steps, new ideas, cool templates and arm you with world-class teaching strategies you can use right away.

On DAY ONE You’ll Learn:

  • 5 Useful Tap Dance Exercises For Warmup
  • 24 Inventive Ways To Do Time Steps
  • A Simple Method That Helps Students Learn Twice As Much Tap Dance Choreography In Half The Time
  • How To Teach Your Students One Minute Of Choreography In 45 Minutes (Or Less)
  • A Fool-Proof Template To Improve Learning In The Classroom
  • The “Netflix and Chill” Guide To Cleaner Tap Choreography
Shawn Byfield coaches tap teachers at Royal Academy of Dance Teacher Conference. Credit Bruce Zinger Photography
Shawn Byfield coaches tap teachers at Royal Academy of Dance Teacher Conference. Credit Bruce Zinger Photography

On DAY TWO You’ll Learn:

  • The Myth Of Yelling In Tap Class
  • 5 Warning Signs Your Students (And Perhaps YOU) Are Burning Out
  • The Best Kind Of Pickups/Pullbacks Rarely Seen On Stage (That Judges LOVE)
  • 7 Essential Tips For Improving Millennials’ Short Attention Spans In Dance Class
  • How To Solve Your Tired Voice Problems With These 3 Hacks
  • The Secret Of Being An In Demand Tap-dance Coach
  • What Everybody Ought To Know About Controlling Juniors (And Other Peanuts)
  • STUDIO OWNERS: The Best Days To Send Emails- And The WORST Times To Reply To Them


We’ll have a VIP dinner social after Day Two is complete. It’s your chance to dress up, socialize, ask more questions, have fun, and celebrate being a tap teacher! (Details will be provided to enrolled students before Day One.)

Toronto Tapdance Teacher Coaching Program with Shawn Byfield
Toronto Tapdance Teacher Coaching Program with Shawn Byfield

What People Are Saying


“I have taught alongside Shawn at many workshops and conventions and I must say, he always finishes with having every student in the palm of his hand. He teaches with an unequalled enthusiasm for his craft and his generosity is well received by all. If you love to dance, here is your teacher!” – Linda Garneau

“you have always provided me with enough confidence”

“I am extremely grateful to have been giving the opportunity to be a part of your tap classes. I know i’m not a great dancer but you have always provided me with enough confidence and encouragement to keep me moving… Your energetic, fun and exciting personality is what makes you such an amazing teacher and individual. You have helped me develop a greater love for tap dancing and I thank you for it. ” – Katie O

“a fun and exciting experience”

“Overall the course was a fun and exciting experience where I got to do what I love (tap) with a great choreographer leading the way with hot music and fast feet. Thanks for it Shawn! ” – Kelly L

“My memory and ability to focus has improved”

“Shawn is one of the most positive, upbeat and hardworking people I know. I’ve been taking dance lessons at his studio for about 3 years and I always leave his class feeling energize and motivated to do more. He bends over backwards to help people learn and has an uncanny knack for understanding his students’ learning style and needs. Through his dance classes I have not only learned dance techniques but my memory and ability to focus has improved as a result of some of the exercises we learn in class. He’s a great teacher and motivator!” – Carolyne P

“Learned so much in a short 2 days”

“Shawn is entertaining, inspiring, energetic and so educational!!!! My students absolutely adored him and learned so much in a short 2 days. Thank you Shawn!” – Suzie B


“I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved class last Saturday. I have taken many great classes in T.O. but your energy really made the difference. I like your attitude and the way you conduct class, reminds me a little of me and what I strive to be like as a teacher to my little ones.” – Lisa D

“I came out thinking differently, inspired and exited to share the knowledge”

“Talented, inspiring and respectful. These are only a smattering of traits the incredible Shawn Byfield possesses. He makes you think differently, pushes you in new directions and asks you to trust your mind and body. I only had a short hour in his workshop but I came out thinking differently, inspired and exited to share the knowledge he imparted to my own students. Working with Shawn was a truly inspiring experience and I can’t wait to do it again…and again, and again!” – Kathleen S

A Fun Tap Dance Lesson On Television With Shawn Byfield




Thursday July 26 – Friday July 27th, 2018
9:30am – 4:30pm


819 Yonge Street, downtown Toronto



Q: Do I need to be an advanced tap dancer?

A: Choreography level is NOT advanced, as most tap teachers aren’t. And neither am I. Material is for teachers who teach teens and younger.

Q: Do I need to be a certain tap syllabus?

A: Nope, don’t worry about that! Whatever syllabus you know will be more than fine. You’ll learn steps you can plug and play in any syllabus. More importantly, you’ll learn about class psychology I’m trained in, and personally use to control kids (AND ADULTS) to get your students learning whatever steps you’re teaching them- syllabus or not!

Q: I teach juniors, will this help me?

A: I’ll share exercises I use for Juniors, and once you understand the basics, you can evolve them for Senior students and assistants too! So you need to do is copy and paste.

Q: Can I take notes on my phone or tablet?

A: NOTEBOOK mandatory, especially day two. You’ll be writing lots! Spend 20 bucks and treat yourself to a nice book with PAPER. =)

Q: Is there a hotel nearby?

A: Yes, quite a few. I’d recommend checking in Wednesday and checkout Saturday. PLEASE NOTE: My studio is located in a higher end of Toronto (Yorkville.) Here’s the hotels that are CLOSEST to our studio, NOT the cheapest:

Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
The Hazelton Hotel
InterContinental Toronto Yorkville

Here’s What You Need To Bring

  1. A positive, open-minded attitude, a willingness to be coachable, and a smile!
  2. The two days are in a casual setting in Shawn’s dance studio. Wear comfortable dance clothes, bring layers, and your tap shoes for the learning components of each day.
  3. You will be sweating lots. Keep perfume to a minimum, and bring deodorant/body spray.
  4. Pens and a notepad, you will be taking lots of hand-written notes.
  5. Bring peanut-free snacks to keep your energy up. We will not have an extended lunch break, but periodic breaks will be given throughout the day.
  6. There will be a dinner night after day 2 at a higher end restaurant, where we will have fun social tap dance chats. Feel free to bring your chic and stylish wardrobe!

Limited Space Available

This Tapdance Teacher Coaching Program takes place in a non-competitive, fun and positive environment with like-minded tap dance teachers willing to learn, share and rise to new challenges. You will make new friends, exchange stories.

What You Will Invest

This event will have at least 12 hours of learning, so prepare to be fully present and open to learning without distractions.

Normally, teachers, and students pay Shawn $99 hourly for private one-on-one coaching, for a minimum of 4 hours (and worth every dime!) At that rate, if you were to invest in 12 hours of privates, it could easily run you $1200 and up…

…But for this entire two day event, you won’t pay that. Not even half of that, which is still an incredible value. By confirming your attendance today, you can guarantee your spot in the room for only $497!

All you have to do is press the button below.

WARNING: If you don’t plan to attend this event now, you’ll totally kick yourself later when you find out how valuable and useful the program was!

RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee

Sorry You missed it… Registration Has Closed.

PS: Tapdance Teacher Coaching Program takes place in Toronto. Get inspired with new tap dance exercises, choreography and master teacher secrets that will dramatically improve the quality of your classes.

PPS: To keep learning at a maximum, SPACE IS LIMITED to 25 teachers only, first come first served. Once it’s full, it’s full… Don’t miss this!

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