HAPPENING TODAY! National Tap Dance Day Workshop

Today’s the day Toronto! For the official National Tap Dance Day workshop at Byfield Dance Experience. Get all the amazing info right now and register your spot. We have a great time every year, and 2014 will be no different. Go to the page at the link for all you need to know… Toronto’s NationalContinue reading “HAPPENING TODAY! National Tap Dance Day Workshop”

Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies

Ever wonder about this confusing science stuff? I hear ya. In the award-winning show i Think i Can, the class science teacher Miss McColl (hilariously played by Melody Johnson) energizes her students with her passion for physics and discovery and challenges them to win First Prize at this year’s Science Fair. But what the heckContinue reading “Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies”