Dance Classes Toronto Photos

Hey friends,

Just a few photos from dance classes in Toronto. See what we’ve been up to in our tap dance, hip hop dance and club dance classes.

Wednesday night club dance classes have been wicked. We’re still growing, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from dancing and havin’ a fun social time. Let me know if you see anyone you recognize in these Toronto dance classes!

– Shawn B

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays

We just had our first “So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays” at Six Degrees Nightclub. And I’m so excited about the future of this event

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays!

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays!

It was a smaller Toronto crowd at the uber-cool night spot, but that didn’t stop a thing. Hey, more free drinks for us!

The club had breakdance and bboy footage playing on the jumbo video screen all night long. Sweet. I taught a super fun beginner hip hop dance class. Awesome. DJ Craig Nice then spun wicked hip hop, r&b, house and other club bangers, makin’ sure we had wet clothes by the end of the night. Fun times!

What an awesome view I had from the stage, seeing the entire dance floor filled with people enjoying a hip hop class. A whole club where everyone loves dance. Toronto doesn’t have much happening on Wednesday nights, but this will for sure be the spot for people who want to socialize, let loose, throw down hard, or simply learn to dance.

And some of my hip hop class students came out to support. Thanks gang! This is an event I hope to last a very long time. Like, come on- where else can you go and throw down hard, and take a dance class without feeling intimidated? And it’s ok to be gross and sweaty?

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays, that’s where! 🙂 I’m still buzzing from the love. Plus, THE Chris James, video director and film wiz extrodinairre, brought his video equipment and took some video footage. I’ll get that up soon.

If you came out, what did you think?

– Shawn B

Why Should You Meet Up Every Wednesday Night?

So I’ve been doing some thinking.

I was out having dinner a few days ago, and made friends with the restaurant manager. A few minutes into our conversation, she asks me:

“So, what do you do for a living?”

“Well, I umm… I uhh, I do a lot of things!” I say.

Now normally, that question is easy to answer. But because I’ve been travelling a lot for different reasons, I really didn’t know what to say. I got stumped. It was if my brain became an Etch-A-Sketch that I shook to wipe out all knowledge from my brain.

I probably sounded like a dumbass.

“No, really, I DO do a lot of things. I’m a choreographer, so I get to put dances together for shows and events. I was just in Montreal choreographing for a big corporate event, and…”

As I’m saying this, I start to notice her zoning out.

“…I’m a teacher,” I say. People usually respond well to teachers.

“Oh really? What do you teach?”

Now. Before I continue, I want to meet up with you next Wednesday night. Because I think you’ll be able to help me figure out what I do, and how I should respond to people when they ask me “What Do You Do?” for a living!

If you haven’t heard, Wednesday September 3rd will be the launch for Canada’s first ever CLUB hip hop class. It’s called “So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays” and you can get more info here:

Anyway, back to my story…

“Oh really? What do you teach?” she asks, which I quickly reply “Tap dance and hip hop. I teach all ages, and all levels of experience.”

Now she’s interested, and pipes up: “That’s so cool. I can’t dance!

There’s that WORD I talked about last week! Grrr…

“So do you have a studio of your own?”

I told her I don’t (for now), and we talked more about dance, travelling, her goals, and other chit chat.

I was actually texting back and forth with the club owner Mr. T. when I was alone, so I told her about the new Wednesday night hip hop class. I joked about the restaurant being my “office” which again, she thought was totally cool.

Now here’s what I find interesting:

Whenever you tell someone you’re a teacher, you get all the attention in the world. People are all ears. They get all excited like a puppy who greets you after a long day away from home.

Why is that?

If I had the opportunity to go back in time, I would have that conversation again. But this time, when she asked me “So, what do you do for a living?” I would say:

“I try to inspire people.”

That’s it. I try to inspire people. Simple. Because that’s what teachers do.

That would probably open the doors up to more meaningful conversation. Because, “HOW do I inspire people” is a cool question in itself. Then, I could simply say, “Come to my office and see for yourself.”

Pretty cool huh?

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday Night Classes!

So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday Night Classes!

So my friend, come to my office next Wednesday night. Come see what I do! You just might be inspired.

Visit this link to find out what else you’ll be getting by showing up:

Visit this link to find out what the cost is (after it’s free):

Notice that the links are the same. Go there now. Honestly, it takes like what, 3 seconds?

I’m really looking forward to the night. It’ll be a chance to dance and hang out with you and all my peeps, students and subscribers.


I look forward to meeting up!

– Shawn B

The Number One Most Self-Defeating Word Is…

Have you fallen into this dangerous trap?

I’m teaching right now in Ottawa, the Nation’s capital! Today I had an experience that made me want to write you. Let me share a story we can all learn from…

Tap Dancing in Canada

Tap Dancing in Canada

There’s a fun dance studio I’m working with out here, teaching tap dance and hip hop dance workshops. Today, while working with the senior students, one of the girls blurted out:

“Uuugh! I can’t do this!” She was referring to a breakdance step I was teaching them on the floor.

“What did you just say?” I questioned her. So, me being the cool and calm guy that I am, I stopped the class.

“It’s ummm… really difficult!” She laughed back. We all had a laugh, because just yesterday, I had a chat with them. We talked about our choice of words, and that the word CAN’T doesn’t exist in my class. So I responded something like this:

“Ok guys, listen up… Because I don’t think you took me seriously yesterday. Let me tell you something.

The word “can’t” is THE most self-defeating, most negative word in the English language. It’s a dangerous word. You know why?”

No response. So I continued:

“Because that word sends a negative message to your subconscious. To the back of your head. When you hear it, your brain starts to think, Ok, maybe I can’t do this…

When your brain hears that enough times, guess what? It starts to believe it. Then it leads to a whole bunch of other things. You start to doubt yourself. You start to believe that you really can’t do something.

It gets worse. Because of that, you get frustrated. You get mad whenever there’s a challenge. Then, when your brain has heard it enough times, you get super angry and you just stop trying altogether. You quit.

And down the line, guess what happens? You quit dance. All because YOU TOLD YOURSELF I can’t.”

The room was dead silent. Just one minute before, the room was filled with laughter, energy, sweat, and moving bodies. After I said that, not one person moved.

“So here’s what we’re going to do,” I challenged them. “Starting right now, this minute. Whenever I hear the word “can’t” come from any of your mouths, every single one of you will drop down and give me 10 pushups.”

Talk about a groan! You’d think I made them eat horse dung or something!

“And… there’s more. This applies to ANYWHERE in the studio, not just in my class. Even if I hear one of you in the change room use that evil word, I’m gonna come in and say HEY! I heard that! Everyone drop down and gimme 10. I don’t care if you’re like “OMG Shawn, I’m naked”… you all drop down and gimme 10 pushups.”

Boy, that got a laugh. But they understood where I was coming from.

I told them that it doesn’t just apply to dance. As they age, they’ll run into tons of negativity from others. Toxic people saying “You can’t do this… You can’t do that.”

Learn to rule them out. It’s not true. YOU CAN. And you don’t need to ruin the situation more by being your own worst enemy.

So I wanted to share this. Because how many times do you find yourself using that word on a daily basis? And why? Yes, it can be a hard habit to beat. But it’s not impossible. It can be done.

I share this with my current tap dance and hip hop students. And you will definitely hear me share positive thinking in my new Wednesday NIGHTCLUB classes. I’ll actually be using a microphone, so you’ll be able to hear me loud and clear when I say “We DON’T use can’t here!”

Listen, I’m not the wisest man on the planet. But now that you understand the damage of that word, will you choose to think differently? Your brain will believe whatever you tell it to believe.

So why not think you CAN?

From now on, when you come to dance, rise to the challenge. Believe in yourself. Tell your brain that you are capable. Tell your brain it’s doing a good job. It will do better. YOU will do better!

Because, apparently… nobody wants to do my pushups. ;-)

– Shawn Byfield

PS: That Wednesday Nightclub class thing? Consider that as your safe zone. No toxic people, no negativity. Just people who CAN. Visit this link to find out WHY: