So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays

We just had our first “So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays” at Six Degrees Nightclub. And I’m so excited about the future of this event It was a smaller Toronto crowd at the uber-cool night spot, but that didn’t stop a thing. Hey, more free drinks for us! The club had breakdance and bboyContinue reading “So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays”

Why Should You Meet Up Every Wednesday Night?

So I’ve been doing some thinking. I was out having dinner a few days ago, and made friends with the restaurant manager. A few minutes into our conversation, she asks me: “So, what do you do for a living?” “Well, I umm… I uhh, I do a lot of things!” I say. Now normally, thatContinue reading “Why Should You Meet Up Every Wednesday Night?”

The Number One Most Self-Defeating Word Is…

Have you fallen into this dangerous trap? I’m teaching right now in Ottawa, the Nation’s capital! Today I had an experience that made me want to write you. Let me share a story we can all learn from… Tap Dancing in Canada There’s a fun dance studio I’m working with out here, teaching tap danceContinue reading “The Number One Most Self-Defeating Word Is…”