TRUE STORY: Directing & Shooting Music Videos Isn’t As Easy As You Think

A music video I shot and co-directed for super talented actor, architect, public speaker and soul hop artist aka Subliminal. Very powerful message in “For My People” sparked from recent turmoil in the U.K. and our global economic and financial crisis. The music video shoot took place on Toronto’s popular Queen Street West, with myContinue reading “TRUE STORY: Directing & Shooting Music Videos Isn’t As Easy As You Think”

Hip Hop Dance Film Project #1

So. I had a very early start to my Sunday: 5:45 am. I’m usually not used to getting up that early- especially to dance. But because it was for a short dance film that I happen to be in, well, I guess I kinda had to be there! Besides, what good is “sleep” anyway? Can’tContinue reading “Hip Hop Dance Film Project #1”

Toronto Hip Hop Class Easter Egg

So I came across this Toronto hip hop class video a few days back. I like posting class videos so people can see what we’ve been up to. But THIS one is special… because it has me doing a lil’ freestyle hip hop dance at the end of class. A sweet little easter egg forContinue reading “Toronto Hip Hop Class Easter Egg”