Behind The Scenes: Hip Hop Class at BDX Toronto Dance Studio

Hip Hop Class – BDX Toronto Dance Studio A hip hop class at Toronto Dance Studio Byfield Dance Experience (BDX). Behind the scenes Blackberry tour. Where REGULAR people come to dance! Hip hop dance class with the Eastsidaz track “I Love It.” BDX is a fun, drama and stress-free dance studio in Toronto for adults. If youContinue reading “Behind The Scenes: Hip Hop Class at BDX Toronto Dance Studio”

DOCUMENTED PROOF: Dancing Helps Build Confidence

Here’s DOUCMENTED PROOF that a dance lesson helps to build confidence. Not just women, but men also experience the esteem-boosting satisfaction a dance class brings. Not many other activities give you the freedom and openness to pose spontaneously! Remember when we were young and fearless? We would do things and say things without inhibitions. Those wereContinue reading “DOCUMENTED PROOF: Dancing Helps Build Confidence”

What We Did Behind The Scenes: Blues Brothers 2000

Flashback! If you didn’t know, I was in the hit movie Blues Brothers 2000. Shout out to the great Toronto talent! I’m in the GREEN pants and tie… Summertime Heat Man, were those suits HOT. We’d be dripping after each take and would need to immediately stand in front of the air conditioner when they yelled “CUT!”.Continue reading “What We Did Behind The Scenes: Blues Brothers 2000”