Behind The Scenes: Hip Hop Class at BDX Toronto Dance Studio

Hip Hop Class – BDX Toronto Dance Studio

A hip hop class at Toronto Dance Studio Byfield Dance Experience (BDX). Behind the scenes Blackberry tour. Where REGULAR people come to dance! Hip hop dance class with the Eastsidaz track “I Love It.”

BDX is a fun, drama and stress-free dance studio in Toronto for adults. If you haven’t been to a  hip hop dance class before, this school is where you learn the moves.

DOCUMENTED PROOF: Dancing Helps Build Confidence

BDX dancers in Toronto hip hop class

BDX dancers in Toronto hip hop class

Here’s DOUCMENTED PROOF that a dance lesson helps to build confidence.

Not just women, but men also experience the esteem-boosting satisfaction a dance class brings. Not many other activities give you the freedom and openness to pose spontaneously!

Remember when we were young and fearless? We would do things and say things without inhibitions. Those were the days!

But then something changed… As we grew, we became more and more sensitive to how other people would perceive us. We developed a safety bubble to avoid ridicule and rejection. We stopped being bold, started being safe, and lost some of our confidence.

Take a look at the photos. As you can see, the power of dance allows you to recapture your strong, inner child.

From now on, know inside yourself there’s no need to hold back. Starting today, embrace your confidence. Let it out, and just pose!

– Shawn B

About The Author:

Shawn Byfield ( is an award winning dance choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance.

More shots of Toronto dance students at Byfield Dance Experience.

What We Did Behind The Scenes: Blues Brothers 2000

Flashback! If you didn’t know, I was in the hit movie Blues Brothers 2000. Shout out to the great Toronto talent! I’m in the GREEN pants and tie…

Summertime Heat

Man, were those suits HOT. We’d be dripping after each take and would need to immediately stand in front of the air conditioner when they yelled “CUT!”. Didn’t help that we filmed in the middle of summer.

And check out those crazy church hats on the ladies… you better WORK girls!

Superstar Choreography

Barry Lather the choreographer (Janet Jackson, Usher, AMA’s) made sure to put us to work. A mix of hip hop, poppin’ and character work.

Barry is truly an awesome dude, I worked with numerous times at Canada’s Wonderland and in another movie. Barry, drop me a line! =D

“Sweet” Times Behind The Scenes

This church tent revival scene was set up at Showline Studios in Toronto, with Pastor James Brown. Starring John Goodman, Dan Aykroyd Mia Peeples, Joe Morton Aretha Franklin and tons more artists made it a crazy fun film to work on.

Behind the scenes, James Brown would tell us stories of Michael Jackson, and showed us “The Bicycle” which was the original Moonwalk 20 years BEFORE the King of Pop learned it from him. Friggin’ sweet.

When we weren’t shooting, we’d eat, laugh, socialize. And eat more. Lots of sweet snacks on movie sets. Yes we need that energy, but sometimes it isn’t such a good thing for the waistline!

John Landis (director, who also directed MJ’s Thriller) pays tribute to a similar scenein his original Blues Brothers. Fun times.

What you think?

– SB