Experience Fireworks. Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX

Experience Fireworks. Beginner Hip Hop Class at Byfield Dance Experience Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX. Toronto adult dance classes always rock at our dance studio. And congratulations to all you new dancers doing hip hop dance choreography for the first time in your life! http://www.Twitter.com/BDXstudio http://www.Youtube.com/theBDXstudio http://www.ShawnByfield.com http://www.Twitter.com/ShawnByfield

Toronto Dance Updates at Byfield Dance Experience

Hey Toronto!  Some cool dance updates for you… * 1.) Tap Dogs Audition at BDX! * 2.) New Beginner Hip Hop Classes * 3.) New Tap Dance Classes * 4.) Add To Your Playlist * 5.) BDX Rental Video = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  Continue reading “Toronto Dance Updates at Byfield Dance Experience”

Toronto Dance Studio Rental And Rehearsal Space

Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) Toronto Dance Studio Rental And Rehearsal Space Located in the safe and prestigious neighbourhood of Yorkville and Rosedale, 819 YONGE STREET Striking dance facility, complete with inviting reception area, classy sign-in desk, closet for storing coats and more Large, comfy lounge and change room complete with folding chairs, coffee table, floorContinue reading “Toronto Dance Studio Rental And Rehearsal Space”