BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

Our positive, fun energy makes Byfield Dance Experience one of the best dance studios in Toronto. Tap dance classes or hip hop lessons, it’s ALL good. BDX is so WILD!

If you’re looking for a super-awesome, no drama, positive energy dance school in Toronto, it don’t get much better than this. Plus, your first Toronto dance class is free. That’s right- your first tap dance or hip hop dance class is FREE!

– SB

Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome

5 Reasons Why Dancers Are Frickin' Awesome
Here’s something quick that’ll make you happy today! See below:

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“Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome”

* 1.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Healthy:

It’s true. From all the cardio, stretching and regular exercise you get from regular dance classes, dancers are proven to be much healthier than peeps who sit at home watching the game. Or the Shopping Channel. Or CNN.

* 2.) Dancers Have Frickin’ Good Teeth:

Why good teeth? Because of all the water you drink, that’s why. And because you smile all the time. Smart people know dancing instantly puts a smile on your face. Because of this, dancers take pride in dental hygiene.

* 3.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Sexy People:

Imagine this… You go to the club. You see some timid person being a wallflower. Hmmm. You look around, some other person is confidently gettin’ down on the dance floor. NICE. Who’s sexier? Yup, superstar with the moves.

(BTW, people that dance are universally attractive to the opposite sex. Something about having rhythm…’Nuff said.)

* 4.) Dancers Have Good Frickin’ Energy:

Out of breath grasshopper? No huffing and puffing here. Attending dance classes regularly builds your stamina and endurance better than any boring treadmill or stair-climbing-piece-of-crap machine could ever do.

* 5.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Mad Cool:

This goes without saying. Dancers have positive attitudes and love life. They’re frickin’ funny, spontaneous, passionate, intelligent and attentive. Plus, dancers have killer fashion sense and make, like anything, look awesome.

It’s no surprise hipsters who dance make the coolest of friends. And I’ll tell you straight up:

The students at BDX (Byfield Dance Experience) are frickin’ amazing buddies and truly great people.

My question to you…

If you know someone who you think is frickin’ awesome, why not get them a dance pass and show them how you feel?

You’ll see how frickin’ happy it makes them.

And you’ll get extra karma points. =)

Click HERE To Make Someone Frickin’ Happy!

Be awesome,

– Shawn B

–> PS: It’s the Holidays. Yes, I know you’re frickin’ awesome yourself. But this season is for GIVING. You already know how great dance classes at BDX have been, so share the love:

Click Here For a Frickin’ Awesome Holiday Gift!

The Case Of The Missing Granny Panties

Shawn here. I was MORTIFIED yesterday. Why?

Because I found a pair of “granny panties” in my laundry!

Gross… But before I tell you the story, a few people were asking about Holiday dance gifts for your peeps. Click that link, or this image below for info:

Holiday gift ideas Toronto

I’ll get back to the holiday gift stuff later…

Yesterday was laundry day. We live in a 23 story building in Toronto, and I’d say about 60% of residents are retired. Not because they’re millionaires. Because they’re elderly.

Now. We have a shared laundry room in the basement. At some point, and I still don’t know when- the unthinkable happened.

I’m grossed out telling you this…

As I’m folding my so fresh and so clean, clean laundry, I notice a shiny white article of clothing. “What’s this?” I think.

I’m home alone. And I pull it out…

Is it not an extra-large pair of USED, silk grandma pants! Ewww! And yes, they were not as “white” as when first purchased, that’s for sure.

I screamed like a school girl and threw them on the floor. I was NOT happy. Then I screamed again, picked them OFF the floor, and threw ’em out.

What? Like I was gonna bring them back downstairs and try to find the old lady who owns them? Nah son, homie don’t play dat.

We live on the 23rd floor…

Imagine standing in the elevator with a pair of some old lady’s knickers… and somebody gets on before I reach the bottom.


Anyway, it wasn’t pleasant. That’s my sad story.

So before you fall asleep reading this, the adult dance gift page is up and running. You can get a bunch of dance passes for your peeps. The best part is, I did some hand-drawn doodles (see top of page)…

…and it’ll make you much happier than finding dirty old lady panties:

Here’s to a happy season. I think I’m gonna vomit now.

– Shawn B

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

PS: I’d suggest going to that page now and getting everyone you know a dance pass. Cause you never know. One day they may find a pair of YOUR undies…

…But if they do, they’ll just say “Don’t worry about it. Remember when you got me that dance pass? Totally makes up for this awkward moment.”

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