The Ugly Reality Check About Dancing In A Comfort Bubble

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Taking a dance class in Toronto? Here’s terrific wisdom every dancer should take to heart. Apply to not just hip hop or tap dance class, but to every dance style you do.

Get Info On Toronto’s Top Adult Dance Classes For BEGINNERS At Byfield Dance Experience

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SNEAK PEEK PART 3: The Shoes Of I Think I Can

SNEAK PEEK PART 3: The Shoes Of I Think I Can

Tap Dance Shoes for I Think I Can Show

Tap Dance Shoes for I Think I Can Show

Shoes. OMG, SHOES.

So as you’ve learned, it’s a tap dance show. And we have a LOT of shoes! Each character has a signature step when entering to the stage, and their shoes are no different. Here’s what the cast of I Think I Can are rocking on their feet:

Tap shoe supplies

Tap shoe supplies

So the metal thingys on the top right? Those are metal taps made from aluminum alloy. They come in different sizes based on the shoe size and width. We’ve had to custom grind a few edges down to make them a perfect fit for our cast.

Metal screws attach to the metal plates or black fiberboard, never directly to the leather sole. The screws that come with the taps are a bit too small so our wardrobe team had sourced out screws that were slightly longer.Also, the screw head widths have to fit perfectly in the holes or they scratch the floor. NOT good. We’ve had to grind some down.

Check out the soft-shoe slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, different styles of tap shoes are featured. Newton has sport tap runner shoes, since he’s the sport junkie in the production. Frufie, well hers are blue. Because she’s cute. Notice the unusual looking pair of clown shoes and boots? They were custom made from our awesome wardrobe department for additional characters in the show…

Most of the cast tap shoes are built up- which is when you add another sole of leather to the bottom. This gives the shoe a bit more weight, which allows for a heavier sound. It also makes steps like toe stands easier to do. They all have different shoe laces to match their wardrobe.

Everyone has TWO pairs of tap shoes because they’ll be worked pretty hard over the next couple of months in Toronto (Lorraine Kimsa Theatre) and in Ottawa (National Arts Centre).

I Think I Can custom tap dance floor

The stage FLOOR is just as important. It was custom built specifically for this show, tap-dancer ready. It’s a sprung floor with a masonite wood surface. The spring gives the tap dancers a bit of cushion when they land, which helps absorb shock and impact to their ankles, knees and hips. Plus, the sound their taps make resonates better on a sprung floor.

Now you know.

Come check out the good lookin’ feet!

– Shawn B

i Think i Can dance show - Toronto Ottawa

i Think i Can dance show - Toronto Ottawa

i Think i Can

Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People

April 4th – May 5th, 2011
Get TORONTO Info And Tickets

National Arts Centre

May 11th – 28th, 2011
Get OTTAWA Info And Tickets

BDX NEWS: New Class Times, More Classes and Pie. Yes, PIE

Beavertail in OttawaShawn here. Hope you had a great Family Day weekend?

I just returned from Ottawa. I taught a few free dance workshops for the kids out there at the N.A.C. It’s right on the Rideau Canal, so I got to see families skate with their young ones. Awww.

GOOD NEWS! I got something for you: A fresh, mouth-watering, decadent chocolate-hazelnut covered beavertail. I’m so excited to give it to you! BUT there’s some BAD NEWS…

…The damn thing accidentally made it’s way to my mouth. I tried to fight it off but, ah, just when I had my mouth open, it fell into my stomach. Arrg. Don’t you hate when that happens?

It’s the thought that counts right? =D On your next trip to the Nation’s capital, go get some tail.


BTW, check this out- I added MORE classes and a few sweet changes to the BDX schedule (you know, the coolest dance studio for even cooler Toronto adults). Watch this…

BDX Toronto Breaking News – March Madness

Don’t *not* watch this because you’re “busy.” I was busy before telling you about my beavertail. And I made you this sweet (literally) video so you won’t feel like an idiot next week.

Watch it, so you can say “Now I know!”

See you on the dance floor,

– Shawn B

PS: That pie is mouth watering, isn’t it? Almost as good as… you guessed it. That stuff at the end of the video. 😉

December Dance Experience Magazine – Girl Power

December Dance Experience Magazine

December Dance Experience Magazine

Time for a new one! December’s Dance Experience Magazine shows off the ladies. You go girl.

Every woman you meet has a story. This month has a special feature on popular hip hop dance instructor (her classes kick ass) and co-producer of Toronto’s Women in Dance show, Melissa Nascimento-So. We also feature two more profiles, useful holiday accessory tips for that little black dress, a cute pic of Big John, and our best wishes to you for the holiday season.

Click any image to read this month’s edition and get inspired!

Toronto Dance Experience Magazine

Toronto Dance Experience Magazine

BDX Dance Audition in Toronto

Toronto dance audition at BDX

Toronto dance audition at BDX

2010 BDX Street Team

Toronto Dance Audition

Do YOU Have The Passion, Skills and Enthusiasm To Become Canada’s Top Street Team? Come Find Out…


AUDITION LOCATION: Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) – 819 Yonge Street, Toronto. Lower Level


Dance Audition begins at 6:00 pm

We’re Looking For:

  • Energetic Dancers 19 and older – who are physically fit with great stamina
  • 7 – 11 dancers for the Street Team
  • Outgoing, approachable and confident leaders
  • Dancers who demonstrate respect and a genuine interest in others
  • Dancers who enjoy interacting with an audience, being on camera and enjoy being social
  • Professional, positive, hard working team players who rise to a challenge

* NOTE: Your  dance audition happens as soon as you enter the building.

You will fill out a registration form and have your photo taken. Everyone will be taught a challenging dance routine combining hip hop, character work and freestyle. You will then be put into groups to perform the routine. We will contact you by email within 5 days if you make the team.

This is a closed dance audition. Viewers are NOT permitted.

You Will Need:

  • To do your hair & makeup as if you are performance ready. No ponytails. No large hoop earrings.
  • DO NOT wear “dance” clothes. Wear a funky wardrobe that shows off your personality and you are comfortable dancing in. Take pride in your personal appearance.
  • CLEAN INDOOR running shoes only. No boots or stiletto heels.
  • Bring a towel and water bottle.

What’s In It For You:

  • Street Team members are representatives of Byfield Dance Experience. Therefore we are looking for the best individuals who will uphold and enhance that reputation.
  • THIS IS NOT a paid position. This is for performance, promotions and training opportunities only. Occasional paid gigs may occur but are NOT guaranteed.
  • Mandatory rehearsals will be twice weekly, 2 hours each. One late week night and Sunday morning. Exact times will be confirmed at audition. You will improve your current skills and learn new ones.
  • Street Team will appear at various public promotions, festivals, showcases and other events.
  • Street Team will have photo shoots and video footage taken regularly that will be broadcast across the country, and will always have access to photos and footage.
  • Team members will not only undergo dance training, but will be given opportunities to assist classes, create choreography, improve public speaking and learn powerful marketing techniques.

    Download the BDX Toronto dance audition info here