Hip hop dance class in Toronto

Can’t Dance? Neither Could They… But Once They Heard The Music EVERYTHING Changed

Hip hop dance class in Toronto

Hip hop dance class in Toronto with Shawn Byfield

Worried that you can’t dance? Sometimes fear gets in our own way. These Toronto hip hop dancers below started out as regular people who dived in anyway to a beginner hip hop class at #BDXstudio- and now look what they can do!

Total If You Want Me – Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX Toronto

Hip Hop Dance Class Toronto – Lady Gaga at BDX

Hip Hip Dance Class Toronto – Tuesday Dance Class Sampler

Behind The Scenes – Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class in Toronto

Experience Fireworks. Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX

Experience Fireworks. Beginner Hip Hop Class at Byfield Dance Experience

Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX. Toronto adult dance classes always rock at our dance studio. And congratulations to all you new dancers doing hip hop dance choreography for the first time in your life!



BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

Our positive, fun energy makes Byfield Dance Experience one of the best dance studios in Toronto. Tap dance classes or hip hop lessons, it’s ALL good. BDX is so WILD!

If you’re looking for a super-awesome, no drama, positive energy dance school in Toronto, it don’t get much better than this. Plus, your first Toronto dance class is free. That’s right- your first tap dance or hip hop dance class is FREE!

– SB

If This Doesn’t Prove ANYONE Can Dance, What Will?

Stop what you’re doing and WATCH THIS.

This performance was a surprise treat to celebrate Oprah’s 24th season. Black Eyed Peas and Oprah’s team organized the largest dance flash mob in history.

Dance choreographer Ashley Wallen put together the fun routine for over 20,000 residents of Chicago. Only TWENTY of them were professional dancers! I get fired up every time I watch the mob dance.

So if 20,000 regular peeps can do it, (in one day, on national TV) what’s YOUR excuse for not dancing? What else do you need?

Look forward to reading your responses…

– Shawn B

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