Toronto Dance Auditions – PRE AUDITION NOTICE

Shawn Byfield dance choreography & production

Shawn Byfield dance choreography & production


I have gigs & performance opportunities coming up that I’ll need talent for. I need performers who can do MORE than one style, and will hold a Toronto dance audition sometime next few weeks. If you only take hip hop, this is not for you. Not interesting. And yes, I will give preference to people that I see taking class regularly.

Know what’s interesting? If you can act, emcee, tap dance, play percussion or at least have music training, turn well on both sides, have great flexibility, can tumble, jazz dance, have super stamina, work a DSLR camera AND do hip hop. Notice hip hop is the *bottom* of the list.

SIDEBAR: Totally serious, my next show I’ll need almost all those skills… My last production had a super talented cast who could act as a character, improvise on the spot AND tap dance! And that original production received 5 Dora Award nominations, including winning the Outstanding New Musical award which beat Mirvish’s We Will Rock You.

Just a heads up! So dancers, you NEED to be a versatile performer, or have a completely unique skill set, like a performer in Cirque du Soleil. You can’t be a one trick pony. And if you’re planning to take one class last minute then expect to nail an audition… it doesn’t work that way! BE PREPARED. GET TO CLASS. Get your resumes and headshots DONE.

Reality is, I can help you prepare in advance for everything you need. Classes, coaching, headshots… Let’s see who actually contacts me? Will keep you posted on my website

Awesome! Toronto Dance Audition Photos

BDX Toronto hip hop dance audition photos

BDX Toronto hip hop dance audition pics

Dance audition Shawn Byfield and Hollywood

Dance audition Shawn Byfield and Hollywood

Love dance in Toronto? Check out these hi-res photos from our recent BDX Street Team dance audition. Huge thank you to Wes Wilson for capturing the event!

Click an image or click here to see more dance photos on flickr from the audition.

– Shawn Byfield

Toronto top dance studio for adults BDX

Toronto top dance studio for adults BDX

Toronto Dance Audition Behind The Scenes

Toronto Dance Audition Behind The Scenes

Toronto Dance Audition Behind The Scenes

Toronto Dance Audition

On Friday, we held a dance audition in Toronto for my new BDX Street Team. Great turnout of hot, sexy dancers! Everyone was ready to learn, support every dancer in the room and finally show their stuff.

I started with an introduction and shared the purpose of the dance audition. Looking for dancers who fit the inviting energy and positive dynamic of Byfield Dance Experience.

We discussed how we only need so many dancers who are at a strong level in terms of dance technique and performance. As much as I’d love to accept everyone on the team, not all will make the cut. And that’s ok, that’s just the reality of how a dance audition works.

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I introduced many of my BDX team behind the table who came to support, film, take photos and notes. The pressure was on- with 2 video cameras and 3 still cameras rolling!

Hip hop dance teachers Cartoon and Hollywood encouraged the group to dance with passion, pay attention to details and use opportunities to bring out their personality. These are important notes that not only apply to a dance audition, but to anytime you set foot in a dance class

…because not only does it improve your game, but you also raise the bar and energy of everyone around you. Many dance auditions in Toronto can be stressful, but we proved that at BDX that pressure only makes you a better artist and performer.

It’s important to remember that when you’re at an audition, it’s not always about YOU. Don’t be selfish. Yes, dance your fullest and show what you have to offer. But by continuously encouraging your peers to achieve their fullest potential is a greater reward in itself.

Toronto Dance Audition at BDX

Toronto Dance Audition at BDX

Congratulations to everyone who came to audition, you should be tremendously proud of yourselves!

– Shawn B

BDX Dance Audition in Toronto

Toronto dance audition at BDX

Toronto dance audition at BDX

2010 BDX Street Team

Toronto Dance Audition

Do YOU Have The Passion, Skills and Enthusiasm To Become Canada’s Top Street Team? Come Find Out…


AUDITION LOCATION: Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) – 819 Yonge Street, Toronto. Lower Level


Dance Audition begins at 6:00 pm

We’re Looking For:

  • Energetic Dancers 19 and older – who are physically fit with great stamina
  • 7 – 11 dancers for the Street Team
  • Outgoing, approachable and confident leaders
  • Dancers who demonstrate respect and a genuine interest in others
  • Dancers who enjoy interacting with an audience, being on camera and enjoy being social
  • Professional, positive, hard working team players who rise to a challenge

* NOTE: Your  dance audition happens as soon as you enter the building.

You will fill out a registration form and have your photo taken. Everyone will be taught a challenging dance routine combining hip hop, character work and freestyle. You will then be put into groups to perform the routine. We will contact you by email within 5 days if you make the team.

This is a closed dance audition. Viewers are NOT permitted.

You Will Need:

  • To do your hair & makeup as if you are performance ready. No ponytails. No large hoop earrings.
  • DO NOT wear “dance” clothes. Wear a funky wardrobe that shows off your personality and you are comfortable dancing in. Take pride in your personal appearance.
  • CLEAN INDOOR running shoes only. No boots or stiletto heels.
  • Bring a towel and water bottle.

What’s In It For You:

  • Street Team members are representatives of Byfield Dance Experience. Therefore we are looking for the best individuals who will uphold and enhance that reputation.
  • THIS IS NOT a paid position. This is for performance, promotions and training opportunities only. Occasional paid gigs may occur but are NOT guaranteed.
  • Mandatory rehearsals will be twice weekly, 2 hours each. One late week night and Sunday morning. Exact times will be confirmed at audition. You will improve your current skills and learn new ones.
  • Street Team will appear at various public promotions, festivals, showcases and other events.
  • Street Team will have photo shoots and video footage taken regularly that will be broadcast across the country, and will always have access to photos and footage.
  • Team members will not only undergo dance training, but will be given opportunities to assist classes, create choreography, improve public speaking and learn powerful marketing techniques.

    Download the BDX Toronto dance audition info here