Learn How To Tap Dance – It’s Easier Than You Think

Always wanted to learn how to tap dance? It’s easier than you think! Check this out:

Heads up: We’ll finally have BEGINNER tap dance sessions at BDX! It’s taken a bit of time, but I’m pretty stoked about it. And they start SOON. If you’re interested, here’s the details:

Absolute Beginner Tap Dance
8 Week Sessions – SUNDAYS 3pm:
SESSION ONE: January 29th – March 25th

You’ll notice it says Session One. That’s because if you really want to learn, it takes at LEAST 3 sessions of basic beginner training before you start shuffling on your own. At least. We haven’t set the 2nd or 3rd start dates yet because we need to see if you’re *seriously interested* in continuing.

Adult beginner tap dance in Toronto with Rebecca

Adult beginner tap dance in Toronto with Rebecca

You’re in for a special treat: Toronto’s top tap dance instructor for beginners Rebecca Lewis-Mastoras will be teaching these sessions! Rebecca is 3rd generation tap dancer. It literally runs in her blood.

Another heads up: her beautiful baby Samantha might be at the classes with you. She’s 2 years old. And she’s ALREADY jumping for tap joy. Maybe Samantha will teach a class or two? I’ll be around to see you too, you can’t get rid of me. 😉

ANOTHER special treat: Each session will only be $179 for 8 weeks of awesome. I’ll have a link online very soon so you can easily save your spot.

Adult beginner tap dance in Toronto at Byfield Dance Experience

Adult beginner tap dance in Toronto at Byfield Dance Experience

TAP SHOES? Yes, you WILL need to borrow or purchase tap shoes if you don’t have any. I recommend:

Malabar Dance & Theatre Supplies
14 McCaul Street, Toronto

Get a pair of FLAT SOLED LEATHER SHOES. No 3 inch heels. No shiny patent leather. No jazz shoes with taps on the bottom. They should be sturdy. If they look cute, like a 5 year old would wear them, don’t buy them. Look at the shoes below and get those. SECRET: Say you’re training at Byfield Dance Experience and they should also give you a discount.

Adult beginner tap dance shoes in Toronto

Adult beginner tap dance shoes in Toronto

There’s your info. If you have questions please CALL THE STUDIO at 416-917-1169. No question is dumb, so give us a ring and leave your number and email address, so Rebecca can get you more details in the next few days!


SNEAK PEEK PART 3: The Shoes Of I Think I Can

SNEAK PEEK PART 3: The Shoes Of I Think I Can

Tap Dance Shoes for I Think I Can Show

Tap Dance Shoes for I Think I Can Show

Shoes. OMG, SHOES.

So as you’ve learned, it’s a tap dance show. And we have a LOT of shoes! Each character has a signature step when entering to the stage, and their shoes are no different. Here’s what the cast of I Think I Can are rocking on their feet:

Tap shoe supplies

Tap shoe supplies

So the metal thingys on the top right? Those are metal taps made from aluminum alloy. They come in different sizes based on the shoe size and width. We’ve had to custom grind a few edges down to make them a perfect fit for our cast.

Metal screws attach to the metal plates or black fiberboard, never directly to the leather sole. The screws that come with the taps are a bit too small so our wardrobe team had sourced out screws that were slightly longer.Also, the screw head widths have to fit perfectly in the holes or they scratch the floor. NOT good. We’ve had to grind some down.

Check out the soft-shoe slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, different styles of tap shoes are featured. Newton has sport tap runner shoes, since he’s the sport junkie in the production. Frufie, well hers are blue. Because she’s cute. Notice the unusual looking pair of clown shoes and boots? They were custom made from our awesome wardrobe department for additional characters in the show…

Most of the cast tap shoes are built up- which is when you add another sole of leather to the bottom. This gives the shoe a bit more weight, which allows for a heavier sound. It also makes steps like toe stands easier to do. They all have different shoe laces to match their wardrobe.

Everyone has TWO pairs of tap shoes because they’ll be worked pretty hard over the next couple of months in Toronto (Lorraine Kimsa Theatre) and in Ottawa (National Arts Centre).

I Think I Can custom tap dance floor

The stage FLOOR is just as important. It was custom built specifically for this show, tap-dancer ready. It’s a sprung floor with a masonite wood surface. The spring gives the tap dancers a bit of cushion when they land, which helps absorb shock and impact to their ankles, knees and hips. Plus, the sound their taps make resonates better on a sprung floor.

Now you know.

Come check out the good lookin’ feet!

– Shawn B

i Think i Can dance show - Toronto Ottawa

i Think i Can dance show - Toronto Ottawa

i Think i Can

Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People

April 4th – May 5th, 2011
Get TORONTO Info And Tickets

National Arts Centre

May 11th – 28th, 2011
Get OTTAWA Info And Tickets