Johnathan Morin and Shawn Byfield Jamming at BDX

Johnathan Morin and Shawn Byfield Jamming at Byfield Dance Experience Just a fun tap jam last week! This was after one of my tap classes, the night of the Tap Dogs audition. Johnathan’s got some serious feet, so glad to finally jam with him! Check this out. =) Need to work on YOUR improvisation? IContinue reading “Johnathan Morin and Shawn Byfield Jamming at BDX”

How To Get 30 Days of Dance For ONE DOLLAR?

How To Get 30 Days of Dance For ONE DOLLAR? Click the image to find out: Secret agents have been instructed to terminate this offer at midnight… Get your dance pass TODAY! – Shawn B

Brush Off Your Tap Shoes Toronto…

Brush off your shoes Toronto, and get into a tap dance class! Now there’s even more tap dancing in Toronto. Get your tap dance shoes out of the closet and get in a class. There’s a tap dance lesson for everyone, so get involved. Visit the web page to get into an energizing tap dance class,Continue reading “Brush Off Your Tap Shoes Toronto…”

Torontonians, Get Your Dance Class Here

Toronto tap dance and hip hop dance lovers, Shawn here. Introducing:  My new and improved dance class website! It’s definitely much easier for you to use, go take a look: You’ll notice right away that the look and feel are still the same. I know the graphics aren’t earth-shattering… but I think the homepage is more eye catching. I’ve alsoContinue reading “Torontonians, Get Your Dance Class Here”

Want Adult Tap Dancing Lessons in Toronto?

Hey tap dancing adults, If you haven’t been tap dancing in a while, here’s an example of what we do in class: All tap dancing lessons are downtown Toronto. The video above is an elementary tap dance lesson, for adults who used to tap but haven’t in a while. We were gettin’ our spicy LatinContinue reading “Want Adult Tap Dancing Lessons in Toronto?”