Black Canadian Awards nominate Shawn Byfield

Black Canadian Awards Nominate Shawn Byfield In Top Six

Black Canadian Awards nominate Shawn Byfield

Black Canadian Awards nominate Shawn Byfield

I’m OFFICIALLY IN! And I’m asking for your help.

It’s true. I’m one of six amazing artists (out of 20,000 online votes) officially nominated in the 2014 BLACK CANADIAN AWARDS for Best Contemporary Dance Act.

What a remarkable honour! I’ve been dancing for 30 YEARS, and have always been a supporter of my community. It’s wonderful to be recognized for what I’ve done- and will continue to do on and off the stage now and years to come. I’m excited!

your favourite Canadian artists


Come support the Black Canadian Awards live show, March 1st in Toronto. It would be great to have friends and family cheering us on. You can get tickets at (group discounts available) and have a formal red carpet and entertaining night out.

– Shawn Byfield

Tapdancing Television: Shawn Byfield On CP24 Toronto

In case you missed it… your favourite, most awesomely fun dance expert 😉 was interviewed and taught the hosts Jee and Gurdeep tap dance moves for National Tap Dance Day 2013. An entertaining few segments, we woke up Toronto with some fun! | Watch on CP24

Here’s a few photos from National Tap Dance Day at the Toronto news station.

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield


National Tap Dance Day: A Message From Bojangles


Today is National Tap Dance Day! If you didn’t know, every May 25th tap dancers around the world celebrate the art form of tap dance. This day marks the birthday of famous black tap dance legend Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.

Another name for tap dancers is “hoofers.” We have metal under our feet, and make rhythms with our shoes. Just like a horse does with their hoof.

Speaking of Bojangles: he wrote you something special! Yes he did:

Read this wild & crazy message from Bill Robinson

National Tap Dance Day message from Bojangles

National Tap Dance Day message from Bojangles

There you’ll find a VERY special, VIP membership for 25 days of TAP DANCE at a jaw-dropping rate, to one of the top-ranked studios in Toronto. Guess where? 😉

You’ve never seen anything like this.

This is PERFECT if you haven’t tap danced in a while and need to get your butt back to class (not for newbies who never tap danced before.) Especially good for:

*- College students who just finished exams & need to tap
*- University students who dance & are back in Toronto
*- Theatre & industry professionals who need to maintain tap skills
*- Tap dance teachers, studio owners & your assistants
*- Lovers of challenging, inspiring tap classes
*- Overworked office people who need instant stress relief

It also makes an excellent, thoughtful gift for someone who used to tap and keeps saying

“OMG I need to tap dance!” And you say:
“OMG well why don’t you?” to which they reply
“Well I don’t know, where do I go?”

That’s when you respond with

“Here tap lover, take this and go dance your brains out.”
“OMG really? I love you!”
“Nope, I love you more!”

…You then passionately embrace like a classic MGM movie scene, right before the train leaves the station. [cue violins] Take a gander at what Bojangles wrote for you (his grammar isn’t that good, so read slowly…)

Read Bojangles’ wild and crazy message for you here

Happy National Tap Dance Day,

– Shawn B


Top 4 Things That Made Me Smile Today

Tap shoes on Shawn Byfield

So. I’m slightly injured.

I’ve been rehearsing for a film, teaching and running BDX, teaching dance workshops at public schools, and letting the world know about my show. Plus other stuff like performing, newspaper and other media interviews & community work.

I love what I do. I hardly ever complain. I’m blessed to live a life in entertainment! I get to do TV appearances, dance classes, movies, school workshops, kick-ass studio, guest speaking, choreography, interviews, travelling…

Like seriously- There’s about 15 theatre productions running in Toronto right now. And one of them is mine.

Rusty screwdrivers suck

Ok. I’ve been rehearsing for a couple of things. One of them is a new dance movie coming out next year sometime. (Working with some seriously talented peeps and choreographers @NappyTabs @Nick_Gonzalez1)

Last Thursday, my body decided I should have a break, so it strategically damaged one of the discs in my lower spine and tightened the surrounding muscles. Feels like someone has a rusty screwdriver poking UPWARDS on my vertebrae, sending a sharp, shooting pain toward my shoulder blades.

Fun times! All of a sudden, instead of “Well hello world! Nice to tweet you!” I’m saying things like “mutha f**k! This pain is some bulls**t” when attemting to get out of bed…

I’m getting better. Pretty quickly actually, thanks to acupuncture and chiropractor visits to my Dr Ho, because this was no band-aid boo boo.

But not being able to fully dance SUCKS.

Know what I mean?

Even though I’m hurting a bit, I’m still thankful for my blessings. There’s always things, people and activities that make me smile daily! Some major awesome, and some silly but still a mood changer.

In random order, here’s the top 4 things that made me smile TODAY:

1) My interactive dance workshop with Grade 9 – 12 students: I taught a fun basic steppin class at St Lawrence Community Centre. A high school from Burlington came to watch I Think I Can. We had a pre-show workshop where they learned some tap history, dance moves and came up with their OWN step choreography. THEY WERE AWESOME. Why steppin? Big Boots characters do some in the show.

2) The Apple Store: I bought something? Yes. Call me Zeus, because I now have Thunderbolt.

3) This shiny new Sigma lens for my Rebel T2i. This beauty now lives with me. Speaking of smiling, hope you brushed your teeth next time I see you…

4) This has got to be the BEST thing I heard all day. If you’ve ever doubted the power and freedom of dance, or the wisdom and intellect of children, READ THIS:

At the end of each show at LKTYP we have what’s called a Talk Back. Cast members stay on stage and answer questions from the audience. A question was asked TO the audience

“Why do the kids in the show speak with their feet and not their voices?” To which one incredibly smart child around 10 years old, replied without hesitation:

“Because dancing speaks louder than words.”

Ain’t that the truth.

What injury? That kid healed my life today better than any expert doctor ever could. Now I’ll be dancing “full out” soon!

Hope this made YOU smile,

– Shawn B

Been injured? Aside from getting the right treatment and rest, what helps YOU cheer up? Comment or TWEET ME your thoughts.