Summer tap dance camp in Toronto

Tap dancers! If you’re looking for a tap dance summer camp, I’ll be offering one in August. It’s a 7 day tap dance program in Toronto, and should be one of the most fun and challenging tap dance programs you’ll take all year. We’ll be having a tap audition July 13 in Toronto. Visit theContinue reading “Summer tap dance camp in Toronto”

Toronto National Tap Dance Day Footage

National Tap Dance Day, Toronto 2008 Yo! What a fun day! This is my solo performance from National Tap Dance Day show here in Toronto, May 30th. Even though it was rainy, that wasn’t gonna drown out our show. And guess what? The crowd loved my improvography (improv plus choreography) that they wanted me toContinue reading “Toronto National Tap Dance Day Footage”

Where Will Dance Take You?

Who says there’s no career in dance? You better believe there is. So I just got back from being best man at a big Scottish wedding in Airth Castle, Scotland. It’s just east of Glasgow, and was your typical fairy tale castle wedding: Beautiful scenery with rolling hills as far as the eye can see…Continue reading “Where Will Dance Take You?”

Tap Dance or Hip Hop Dance Class? Toronto Speaks Out

I’m back in Toronto from an inspiring near two weeks in chilly Scotland and sunny California! I choreographed HAIRSPRAY at GAMTA, a music theatre university in Glasgow (Glasgow Academy for Music Theatre Arts) and attended a weekend marketing summit in Anaheim. Here’s some pics of me hangin’: Hangin with my friend Nieve, Miss UK 2007Continue reading “Tap Dance or Hip Hop Dance Class? Toronto Speaks Out”

Boxing day dance class sale ends TOMORROW

Here’s your reminder that you only have one day left! All dance classes are on a serious Boxing day sale right now, but only until Friday. Which is tomorrow. A shout out to the new students that signed up this week. You know a good deal when you see one! I really hope you’llContinue reading “Boxing day dance class sale ends TOMORROW”

Looking for STRONG tap dancers in Toronto

I’m working on new gigs for 2008, and I need strong performers. Know anyone? Here’s a fun promo teaser of my tap dance company Funk Factory: If you’re a strong tapper, or know somebody who is, I need to know and see them in action. If you’re rusty, then get to tap class already! –Continue reading “Looking for STRONG tap dancers in Toronto”

Special bonus on Toronto dance classes- THIS WEEKEND ONLY

BYAAAH! My friends, just a heads up: I’ve added TWO new hip hop classes to the schedule SATURDAYS. Level One at 12:30 pm and Level Two at 1:45 pm. Here’s the info: Come dance. If you don’t have a membership or a student pass, what are you waiting for? Get involved on my website,Continue reading “Special bonus on Toronto dance classes- THIS WEEKEND ONLY”