TORONTO: Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation… Only SOME PEOPLE Allowed

Sheesh! Some People… Ok. I really shouldn’t have to convince anyone why you should support Toronto Theatre! But I realize more and more that people (not you, just “people”) tend to get lazy or indifferent when it comes to supporting the arts and culture. Yet, those same people will sit home and watch TV allContinue reading “TORONTO: Celebrating Our Men In Dance Showcase Presentation… Only SOME PEOPLE Allowed”

Tapdancing Television: Shawn Byfield On CP24 Toronto

In case you missed it… your favourite, most awesomely fun dance expert 😉 was interviewed and taught the hosts Jee and Gurdeep tap dance moves for National Tap Dance Day 2013. An entertaining few segments, we woke up Toronto with some fun! | Watch on CP24 Here’s a few photos from National Tap Dance DayContinue reading “Tapdancing Television: Shawn Byfield On CP24 Toronto”

BEAT BATTLE: Tap Dance vs Beatbox… Who Won?

Toronto entertainer, actor and beatboxer a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL battles Toronto’s king of Tap Shawn Byfield This is footage from a few years ago, on television show Toronto Dances. Half the TV program featured yours truly. I’m collaborating with the amazing Sean “aka Subliminal” Mauricette. A fun shoot, and the entire show manifested a Gemini Award nominationContinue reading “BEAT BATTLE: Tap Dance vs Beatbox… Who Won?”

National Tap Dance Day: A Message From Bojangles

GUESS WHAT!? Today is National Tap Dance Day! If you didn’t know, every May 25th tap dancers around the world celebrate the art form of tap dance. This day marks the birthday of famous black tap dance legend Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. Another name for tap dancers is “hoofers.” We have metal under our feet, andContinue reading “National Tap Dance Day: A Message From Bojangles”

Who Could Say No To The Nicholas Brothers? (And Why You Should NEVER Put This Kind Of Fire Out)

Who could say no to The Nicholas Brothers? Fayard and Harold are firecrackers. I mean, they LITERALLY explode off the screen, inextinguishable in every performance. I was just thinking of how as Black performers, because of racial inequality, our ancestors didn’t have many opportunities to perform on stage or film 60, 70, 80 years ago…Continue reading “Who Could Say No To The Nicholas Brothers? (And Why You Should NEVER Put This Kind Of Fire Out)”

Shawn’s No-Nonsense Ninja UPDATE

Shawn’s No-Nonsense Ninja UPDATE: 1.) Adult Beginner Tap Dance sessions start THIS Sunday… 2.) Join me in a basic “tap/steppin” class TOMORROW… 3.) Make 2012 INCREDIBLE! Last chance Annual Memberships to BDX… Read more… – – – – GO Ninja GO Ninja GO – – – – * 1.) Adult Beginner TapContinue reading “Shawn’s No-Nonsense Ninja UPDATE”

Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies

Ever wonder about this confusing science stuff? I hear ya. In the award-winning show i Think i Can, the class science teacher Miss McColl (hilariously played by Melody Johnson) energizes her students with her passion for physics and discovery and challenges them to win First Prize at this year’s Science Fair. But what the heckContinue reading “Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies”

Audience Reactions for NAC English Theatre’s i think i can

You’ve already heard me talk my ear off about how terrific my show i Think i Can is, not just in the Toronto run but currently in the Ottawa production also. So in case you were wondering, here’s what regular people had to say right after viewing a performance… i Think i Can OTTAWA: NationalContinue reading “Audience Reactions for NAC English Theatre’s i think i can”

OTTAWA: I Think I Can Open Today Only at NAC

YES! If you know anyone in Ottawa, my musical I Think I Can is running today at the NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE. There are no shows tomorrow or Monday. Who’s supporting me? Who’s supporting tap dance? Who’s supporting awesome Canadian theatre? COMMENT so I know I’m not wasting my time creating good stuff… – Shawn BContinue reading “OTTAWA: I Think I Can Open Today Only at NAC”

Tap Dance To Raise Awareness For Autism

On Tuesday May 17th, I was honoured to be a tap dancing headliner for The Autists– a high-profile art auction created to raise funds and support for the Geneva Centre for Autism. The event was curated by celebrated Canadian artist Charles Pachter. Ralph Benmergui of CBC and JazzFM fame, hosted the evening. Canada’s top jazzContinue reading “Tap Dance To Raise Awareness For Autism”