BDX Toronto Dance Studio Photos

Thank you thank you thank you everyone who came out to our Grand Opening! We’re finally officially open, thanks to the ribbon cutting ceremony. You rock Jenna! I love friends, desserts, surprises, fun parties… and slide shows. Here’s just a handful of photos of Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto. Drop by to see the restContinue reading “BDX Toronto Dance Studio Photos”

How To Get To BDX Dance Classes In Toronto

So here’s the address for the dance studio. Yup, our new dance classes in Toronto are right on Yonge Street! Studio name: BYFIELD DANCE EXPERIENCE, or BDX for short. How To Get To Your New Dance Classes in Toronto If you’re taking the subway, get off at BLOOR/YONGE subway stop. Walk 90 seconds NORTH on YongeContinue reading “How To Get To BDX Dance Classes In Toronto”

Want Adult Tap Dancing Lessons in Toronto?

Hey tap dancing adults, If you haven’t been tap dancing in a while, here’s an example of what we do in class: All tap dancing lessons are downtown Toronto. The video above is an elementary tap dance lesson, for adults who used to tap but haven’t in a while. We were gettin’ our spicy LatinContinue reading “Want Adult Tap Dancing Lessons in Toronto?”