BEAT BATTLE: Tap Dance vs Beatbox… Who Won?

Shawn Byfield dance vs Sean Mauricette beatbox

Shawn Byfield dance vs Sean Mauricette beatbox

Toronto entertainer, actor and beatboxer a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL battles Toronto’s king of Tap Shawn Byfield

This is footage from a few years ago, on television show Toronto Dances. Half the TV program featured yours truly. I’m collaborating with the amazing Sean “aka Subliminal” Mauricette. A fun shoot, and the entire show manifested a Gemini Award nomination for me as well!

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The Ugly Reality Check About Dancing In A Comfort Bubble

IMPORTANT STUFF! Click here to read it all larger…

Taking a dance class in Toronto? Here’s terrific wisdom every dancer should take to heart. Apply to not just hip hop or tap dance class, but to every dance style you do.

Get Info On Toronto’s Top Adult Dance Classes For BEGINNERS At Byfield Dance Experience

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DANCERS: How To NOT Be Boring Like Everyone Else


DANCERS: How To NOT Be Boring Like Everyone Else

TIP: Students that dance regularly in different styles are more versatile & learn quicker than those who only take the same class weekly. Moral of the story:

Expand your skills by expanding your thinking & take a variety of dance classes weekly. Don’t stick to the same stuff! Because if you do, you’ll end up doing the same, looking the same… & being the same as everyone else. Is that really what you want?

I hope not.

I may not know much, but I know a thing or two about where to find Toronto dance classes that will teach you how to stand out from the rest.


Toronto’s Favourite Adult Dance Studio Taps Into Morning News

BDX in the news! In case you missed it, here’s a segment from Breakfast Television live at my Toronto dance studio. We had four segments total and had the most FUN morning!

Canada’s leading tap dance instructor & tap choreographer Shawn Byfield with dancers at Byfield Dance Experience demonstrate beginner tap dance steps on Toronto’s most popular morning news show. Live on air, Byfield shows Canadian viewers how fun tap dancing is, and how adults of all ages can learn. |