FLASHBACK: Choreographer Shawn Byfield On Canada’s Smartest Person

Shawn Byfield dance choreography on CBC Television

Shawn Byfield dance choreography on CBC Television

That time Choreographer Shawn Byfield talked about math! Shawn Byfield created tap dance choreography, and was a guest for an episode of CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person.

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Shawn Byfield dance choreography on CBC Television

Shawn Byfield dance choreography on CBC Television



Shawn ByfieldAs a sought-after presenter, choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To start learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.

Canadian Tap Dancer Wins GOLD MEDAL At Dance World Cup

15 Year Old Tap Dances Circles Around World’s Best, Wins Top Prize At “Olympics Of Dance”

TORONTO, ON – When it comes to dancing, Canadians have the tap bug. Dance student  Lara Renaud wins the top medal for her tap dance solo at this year’s Dance World Cup, held this July in Whistler, BC.

“It’s an incredible accomplishment to win at this event,” says dance expert Shawn Byfield (www.ShawnByfield.com) who’s taught tap dance in Canada for over 25 years. “Countries from around the world send their top students, to compete for the gold medal. It’s just like the Olympics, but for dance.”

Byfield, who is Renaud’s Toronto tap dance teacher, says it’s not easy being a champion. Many dedicated hours, lots of sweat, early mornings, and exhausted feet discourage dancers from reaching this kind of success. But because of Renaud’s love and passion for dance, the work doesn’t dissuade her.

“She’s such a motivated dancer and always rises to a challenge. I’m so very proud of her!”

Over 8,000 dancers globally have competed at Dance World Cup. Dance World Cup is recognized by the International Dance Council, and celebrated its 10th anniversary season at Fairmont Château Whistler Resort.

“When I got off stage, many people and dancers came to say how amazing it was!” shares Lara, excited about her Gold medal win for her tap dance solo. “There were dancers from USA, Mexico, India, China, Russia, Romania, Poland, Gambia, and all Canadian Provinces and Territories.”

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Tapdancing Television: Shawn Byfield On CP24 Toronto

In case you missed it… your favourite, most awesomely fun dance expert 😉 was interviewed and taught the hosts Jee and Gurdeep tap dance moves for National Tap Dance Day 2013. An entertaining few segments, we woke up Toronto with some fun! | Watch on CP24

Here’s a few photos from National Tap Dance Day at the Toronto news station.

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day with Shawn Byfield


Celebrate National Tap Dance Day With FREE Tap Dance Classes in Toronto

National tap dance day in Toronto with Shawn Byfield

National tap dance day in Toronto at Byfield Dance Experience

What’s the best way to celebrate Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s birthday?

Totally FREE tap dance classes!

Saturday May 25th is National Tap Dance Day. I’m hosting FREE tap dance classes for dancers aged 16 and up, at Byfield Dance Experience, 819 Yonge Street, Toronto.

  • 4pm Dancers with lots of tap training
  • 5pm Dancers with a bit of tap training
  • 6pm Dancers with very little tap training

Limited Spots Available, CALL 416-917-1169 to Register

Also: discounts on drop-in passes and merchandise will be available that day only. Even if you’re broke, you can afford this day of awesomeness.

Pick up the phone right now, RSVP your time and get involved. Come celebrate tap dance in Toronto and around the world!

Toronto Dance Auditions – PRE AUDITION NOTICE

Shawn Byfield dance choreography & production

Shawn Byfield dance choreography & production


I have gigs & performance opportunities coming up that I’ll need talent for. I need performers who can do MORE than one style, and will hold a Toronto dance audition sometime next few weeks. If you only take hip hop, this is not for you. Not interesting. And yes, I will give preference to people that I see taking class regularly.

Know what’s interesting? If you can act, emcee, tap dance, play percussion or at least have music training, turn well on both sides, have great flexibility, can tumble, jazz dance, have super stamina, work a DSLR camera AND do hip hop. Notice hip hop is the *bottom* of the list.

SIDEBAR: Totally serious, my next show I’ll need almost all those skills… My last production had a super talented cast who could act as a character, improvise on the spot AND tap dance! And that original production received 5 Dora Award nominations, including winning the Outstanding New Musical award which beat Mirvish’s We Will Rock You.

Just a heads up! So dancers, you NEED to be a versatile performer, or have a completely unique skill set, like a performer in Cirque du Soleil. You can’t be a one trick pony. And if you’re planning to take one class last minute then expect to nail an audition… it doesn’t work that way! BE PREPARED. GET TO CLASS. Get your resumes and headshots DONE.

Reality is, I can help you prepare in advance for everything you need. Classes, coaching, headshots… Let’s see who actually contacts me? Will keep you posted on my website http://www.ShawnByfield.com