Tapdancing Television: Shawn Byfield On CP24 Toronto

In case you missed it… your favourite, most awesomely fun dance expert 😉 was interviewed and taught the hosts Jee and Gurdeep tap dance moves for National Tap Dance Day 2013. An entertaining few segments, we woke up Toronto with some fun! | Watch on CP24 Here’s a few photos from National Tap Dance DayContinue reading “Tapdancing Television: Shawn Byfield On CP24 Toronto”

Cast of I Think I Can: Kyle Brown and Jennifer Stewart

Behind the scenes in Ottawa with I Think I Can cast members Jennifer Stewart and Kyle Brown. Backpack! Tweet us at: http://www.Twitter.com/TapFirm National Arts Centre for info: http://www.nac-cna.ca

Tap Music For Tap Dance Class

Micro blog: I’ve posted recent tap music on my tap dance blog. Go there to see my recent playlist. Use the music for your own tap class, tap choreography, or just good listening. That’s it! It’s my day off, so I’m gonna read my Wired magazine. Yesssss! – Shawn B http://www.ShawnByfield.com