Recent Tap Dance With Waleed Abdulhamid

Here’s a snippet of a friggin’ cool tap dance performance I did at Rose Theatre (Brampton, Ontario) with my very talented and inspiring friend Waleed Abdulhamid: Tap Dance Performance part 1 Waleed “Kush” plays just about any instrument, and I play… well, I tried to keep up playing my taps! It’s part of a promoContinue reading “Recent Tap Dance With Waleed Abdulhamid”

Toronto Dance Class Students

Hey Toronto, I’ve just edited a video of recent adult dance classes in Toronto. Hip hop dance class this time, I’ll post a tap dance class video soon. The dance routines are from a few weeks ago, I’ll post more recent class videos in a bit. I’m so proud of all the adults in theContinue reading “Toronto Dance Class Students”

The Number One Most Self-Defeating Word Is…

Have you fallen into this dangerous trap? I’m teaching right now in Ottawa, the Nation’s capital! Today I had an experience that made me want to write you. Let me share a story we can all learn from… Tap Dancing in Canada There’s a fun dance studio I’m working with out here, teaching tap danceContinue reading “The Number One Most Self-Defeating Word Is…”