Toronto Holiday Event Sneek Peek Video

Tomorrow’s the big day! The Toronto Holiday Bonanza and Dance Celebration is a few hours away. Anyone who’s a fan of dance in Toronto, loves to take dance classes and is a supporter of the Toronto arts scene needs to be at this event. Here’s a sneek peek video showing you the club, and whereContinue reading “Toronto Holiday Event Sneek Peek Video”

Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness

Last night was our first Halloween Dance Party at Six Degrees Nightclub. And man, what a dance party it was! It proved Toronto likes to get down. I taught a free basic dance lesson to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. Fun times! I must say, it’s so friggin’ cool seeing an entire club full of zombies danceContinue reading “Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness”

Free Halloween Dance Event in Toronto

Shawn here. You’re invited to our free Halloween event this Wednesday night! Come on out in costume, it’ll be a blast. Anyone in costume before 10 pm is in for free. I’ve included Jenna’s press release below with the details. I can’t wait to see your costume! 😉 – Shawn B = = = =Continue reading “Free Halloween Dance Event in Toronto”

Why Should You Meet Up Every Wednesday Night?

So I’ve been doing some thinking. I was out having dinner a few days ago, and made friends with the restaurant manager. A few minutes into our conversation, she asks me: “So, what do you do for a living?” “Well, I umm… I uhh, I do a lot of things!” I say. Now normally, thatContinue reading “Why Should You Meet Up Every Wednesday Night?”