How To Get Inspired This Fall – Toronto’s Got Talent

Get Inspired!

A short video, I talk about my studio’s dance showcase Toronto’s Got Talent: Wednesday October 19th 2011 at Panasonic Theatre. –

It’s the studio’s 2nd year! Can you believe how quickly time has passed? Wasn’t it just a short while ago that I got the keys?

Come and support BDX students and Toronto’s awesome artists.

– Shawn B

Start The COUNTDOWN, Because In 21 Days…

BDX Toronto Dance Showcase

Get ready… In 21 days we hit the stage! On Wednesday October 19th, BDX presents “Toronto’s Got TALENT!

This. Is. Epic. Check it out HERE

A celebration of 2 years. A showcase of top Toronto dance artists. Secret agents. Ninjas. And the best part? All current BDX students are invited to perform!

Here’s what I need you to do:

Open your Outlook, iCal, Blackberry or GCal and put this info in. Book it off. Find a babysitter. Wash your hair and dust off your shoes… ‘Cause we gonna celebrate! “So bring your good times, and your laughter too…”

– Shawn B

PS: Dancers: A rehearsal schedule is posted on the BDX facebook fan page:

PPS: Yes, real ninjas.

Women In Dance Returns To Toronto

Women in Dance show Toronto

Women in Dance show Toronto

A Creative Showcase Celebrating the Female Dancer

Co-Produced by Laura Furtado & Melissa Nascimento-So

Date: Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Theatre: Jane Mallet Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

Showtime: 7:30PM

Tickets: $25- $45 Purchase Women in Dance tickets online:

Women in Dance is a collaborative dance showcase featuring female dance talent and choreography within the Toronto dance scene. Women in Dance will give Dancers and Choreographers, the amazing opportunity to share their passion of dance and highlight their creativity to our immediate community.

We are an artistic dance show that is created, performed and inspired by women. We will inspire and awe audiences through creative expressions of dance, while supporting and highlighting talent in all forms.

For our 2010 Showcase, we will celebrate a women’s SENSITIVITY, COURAGE, PASSION & INDEPENDENCE.

Women in Dance is happy to announce that we will be donating tickets for our 2010 Showcase to Big Sisters of Canada!

Find us on Facebook! For more info and detailed list of performers and choreographers visit: