BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website

Shawn Byfield Dance Experience interview

Shawn Byfield Dance Experience interview

BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website

Byfield Dance eXperience (BDX) in Toronto celebrated their one year anniversary as a studio at the end of October.

A veteran of stage and screen, Shawn Byfield knew he would always open a space for dancers of all levels. His goal? To open up a place where regular people can just come and throw down and meet other people who share the same passion for dance.

While the studio is open to everyone, BDX is geared to the adults since, according to Byfield, there are already places for kids and teenagers to go and take classes.

“What about the rest of us who watch So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars? There’s no place for them to…” Read rest of feature on Want To Dance website

How One Person Can Inspire A City To Dance

Ever been in a situation where inspiration just hit you? This dance video shows how one person following their passion CAN make a difference.

If this inspires you to learn to dance, take action today! Do something… because Anyone Can Dance. If you enjoyed this video, leave your comment below!

– Shawn B

BTW: At BDX Studio Toronto, your first dance class is free. That’s right- free dance classes in Toronto DO exist! But only if you take action. Leave your comment below with your thoughts.

BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

Our positive, fun energy makes Byfield Dance Experience one of the best dance studios in Toronto. Tap dance classes or hip hop lessons, it’s ALL good. BDX is so WILD!

If you’re looking for a super-awesome, no drama, positive energy dance school in Toronto, it don’t get much better than this. Plus, your first Toronto dance class is free. That’s right- your first tap dance or hip hop dance class is FREE!

– SB

BDX Grand Opening This Friday!


Attention Friends in Toronto and the GTA!

Come join us this Friday for the official opening of Toronto’s newest dance studio, Byfield Dance Experience (BDX). Friday night, 8 pm to 10 pm at BDX.

It’s my baby. And I’m excited to show it off! Click the image above, or click here to RSVP, get directions and more info.

Plus, I haven’t had a real minute to sit and just enjoy people’s company in the space. So Friday night, let’s do that. Socialize, take pics, make new friends. Bring yo’ peeps! I’ll give you the tour if you haven’t been before.

Jenna’s even getting a ribbon to cut to make it like, official. Like when they break ground before construction of a tower. Then depending on how we feel, maybe head to Jack Astors at the end of the night for some more snacks and refreshments.


Welcome to your new dance studio!

– Shawn Byfield

How To Tap Dance: TV Segment On Living In Toronto

Hey gang,

This is a segment from CBC’s daytime show LIVING IN TORONTO. Click this link or the pictures to watch:

I gave the host Mary Ito a beginner tap dance lesson. She was so awesome! You’ll see two of my students Kyle and Rebecca in the show too.

Tap dance class on tv

tap dance on tv2

Click the pictures to watch the footage. And see if you can learn some of them tap steps from the video!

– SB