What Size Heels Do YOU Wear? Here’s Why…

Question: What size heels do you wear? I ask because this Saturday at Byfield Dance Experience, I’m hosting a Learn To Dance In HEELS Workshop. Taught by the one and only Esie Mensah! You’ve seen her on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, with Keisha Chante, Jully Black, AND on MuchMusic: http://bit.ly/RdxzNN It’s gonnaContinue reading “What Size Heels Do YOU Wear? Here’s Why…”

Toronto’s Hottest Dance Workshop: GIRLICIOUS!

Ok ladies…Enough making excuses that you can’t dance. Enough making lame excuses that you don’t have time; or you’re afraid of what others will think; or you don’t have money; or… or… or… It’s summer! And it’s time to let loose! So if you need an “excuse” to let your hair down and work someContinue reading “Toronto’s Hottest Dance Workshop: GIRLICIOUS!”