Here’s SOMETHING You Can Try To Defeat Daily Negative News

I work hard to make a positive contribution to this planet in all that I do. Period.

Bringing joy to people’s lives, removing doubt, building confidence, and setting a positive example is being part of the SOLUTION. I refuse to be part of the problem and seen as a stereotype. I resist being typecast, there’s enough of that on TV. I refuse to let these daily negative news stories derail me from my purpose.

But I gotta say, as each week unfolds, it’s becoming more and more challenging to climb this mountain…

Anybody feel me?

Here’s what I try to do. Maybe it’ll help someone reading this:

The quickest way to make a difference is to be actionable. Every day, DO SOMETHING that makes people remember their purpose. DO SOMETHING that brings joy to lives. DO SOMETHING to remind people that good still exists. DO SOMETHING to enrich your community. DO SOMETHING to nourish your own soul and fill your well, so you can pour into others. DO SOMETHING to remind the media that for every 1 negative story, there’s 99 positive ones happening right under your nose you deserve to hear about.

Don’t fall in the trap of aimlessly trolling social media just to comment, judge, and expand hate. You’re better than that, we all are.

* Sigh. *

Dear Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, we need your songs right now.

Through all this heartache around us, I encourage you to be a difference maker. We need to fight for what’s right, and it starts by being a positive light in your family and community. DO SOMETHING to enrich people’s lives every time they meet you. DO SOMETHING to exchange smiles.

Be a teacher, and share a vision of admiration, of connection, and of hope. Be a student, and ask what it takes to bring peace not just to others in your circle, but also to yourself- because sometimes the toughest battle is held in that small space between your ears.

I need every human reading this to FIGHT to be a part of the solution! Because you deserve it.

Who’s in?

If you’re in, share something of VALUE below. No rants. No pointing fingers. No them vs us. No hashtags. Take a moment to say something GOOD, because that’s what the world needs right now.

The Beatles had it right when they sang all we need is ____. You have the power to DO SOMETHING about it, so share some!

Shawn Byfield

As a sought-after presenter, choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To start learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.


Who Else Wants To Become A Top Choreographer, Director, Pop Sensation Or Television Celebrity? ** Here’s The SECRET **

Shawn Byfield Jason Priestley


Listen. I’m actually quite upset…

There’s a whole world of opportunity out there. You can do anything you put your mind to…

So Why Is Shawn So Upset?

Because too many dancers only aspire to be a “backup dancer” for some artist. That’s their DREAM. And that’s fine…

…But why not dream bigger?

What’s the harm in having a more creative, fulfilling idea of your future? Why limit yourself to being in the background, when you were born with more to offer?

You can do and become literally ANYTHING you want. I truly believe this, and you should too. If you want to become an award-winning choreographer, popular vocalist, famous director, best-selling author or TV celebrity you need to…



The Secret To Instantly Expanding Your Reach…

What’s the secret? It’s simple. All you need to do is just THINK BIGGER. Think about this:

Why not become a nationally respected pop artist, and have your OWN backup dancers?

Or why not write your own play, cast yourself as the lead, and YOU be the director?

I can go on and on. I was fortunate to be an artistic consultant, dance choreographer AND played an actor on a national television show, Working The Engels (Global TV.) And guess what? It’s airing on NBC this summer! Which means not just Canada, but the entire North America will watch.

Just one example of a THINK BIGGER mentality. That opportunity only came my way because I’ve been preparing for it.

BONUS: I worked side-by-side with Director Jason Priestley (see photo above) and 1st AD Mark Pancer. Look them up if you don’t know who they are.

Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or stay afraid of taking them. – Jim Carrey

Another example:

Theatre productions are hard to come by in Toronto. So, I co-wrote AND choreographed my own musical (i Think i Can) that was not only nominated for awards (and won,) it thrilled our audience every single performance. AND, it was remounted for another successful run at the National Arts Centre, proudly in the nation’s capital.

FYI: The story in my show was “told” through tap dance. Now you don’t see THAT on a regular.

I’m so grateful to be a Gemini Award nominee! Holy eff! I’m also a Dora Award Winner because a show I created was more outstanding than We Will Rock You! Who can say that? I actually can. That’s an honour that makes me teeth smile.

And… I’m HAPPY. Because what I do is friggin’ FUN.

BTW: Want to pay your rent? Artists always go through the financial roller-coaster… but thinking bigger PAYS WAY BETTER than being a backup dancer. Just saying. 😉


Read (Don’t Skip, READ) This FULL DISCLOSURE

IMPORTANT! Absolutely NONE of this post is about my ego. I’m not sharing this to brag. I’m sharing this because too many dancers think too small, and don’t think it’s possible to do or be better. I want to encourage you to think BIGGER. Artists are remarkably talented and resilient, and have the advantage of creativity & discipline combined with equal use of left and right brain.

I had very minimal financial resources growing up, got teased as a child and had to change light bulbs and scrub toilets JUST to continue dancing and learning. Whatever is keeping you from thinking or assuming you “can’t” I’m here to tell you that YOU TOTALLY CAN.

You also DESERVE to be happy. And you can be. But don’t be fooled! You need to know this in advance:

It doesn’t come easy. Just like any other field, the Entertainment biz is HARD.

So to get you started, use these three EXTREMELY important habits you need to develop to have success in your future career:

  1. You have to suck it up and WORK HARD (and put in all the effort required)

  2. You absolutely must have a PROACTIVE MINDSET (not a reactive mindset)

  3. You need to constantly EXPAND YOUR SKILL SET (to attract new opportunities)

There’s more, but these three will get you started. Are you SERIOUS about making a career out of your craft?

Do you want to be offered MORE OPPORTUNITIES? Are you interested in MAKING GOOD MONEY doing what you do?

If yes, you should learn from the people that can help you get there. I say this, because not everyone can help you. There’s a lot of “talk” out there and not enough walk.

With that said, I’m currently putting an intense course together that you might want to attend, that if you’re an upcoming dancer, model, actor or entrepreneur helps you get started on the RIGHT path, the SMART way.

Comment below or email me. Let me know if you’re interested and tell me about your dreams. I’m here to help! But you’ll be stuck in the same place if you don’t contact me and take ACTION.

Will I hear from you? Will you click that link and email me? Hope so,

– @ShawnByfield


Shawn-thumbnailAs a sought-after dance choreographer, performer, presenter, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who dance, train and mentor with him every year. To get your group learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends! Email right now.

Why You Should Kick Your Excuses To The Curb

WOW. Some people! Ok, I need to vent.

But what’s with the bra, you ask? I’ll tell you more about that later… Here’s what’s on my mind:

I really, truly, strongly dislike when people say can’t. Especially when I teach. You know, when people look me in the eye and say

“I can’t do this, I can’t do that…” I’m sure you know the type:

1.) The ones who simply don’t try. 2.) The few who admit defeat without even lifting a finger to see if they could. 3.) The ones who, when you’re giving your all, trying your absolute best and making an attempt at greatness, they continue to be the grey storm clouds filled with thunder and lightning, come to ruin a beautiful, sun-filled afternoon in the tropics.

Coincidentally, male or female, they all seem to own the same birth certificate because they share the exact same name:

“Debbie Downer”

Show Me To The Closest Urinal

And Debbie loves company. I call them energy suckers.

Anytime I meet an energy sucker in dance class, or waiting for the delayed streetcar, or buying cereal in aisle 3, (or any other place that humans congregate) I have the sudden urge to bolt like an Olympic sprinter to the men’s room because Grumpy Gary, Lazy Larry & Negative Nancy PISS me off.

Yeah, I said it.

STOP and listen Debbie. Listen real good, because this message is for you. I need to tell you something maybe you haven’t heard before: YES, you can.

Damnit Debbie! I said YES YOU CAN!

Sure, maybe not today. Or maybe not even this week. There’s no magic button you can push that will miraculously boost your confidence in 3 minutes or less, like one of those frozen TV dinners.

But if you try, practice, and STOP making excuses for your lack of effort you’ll see that eventually, in time, you CAN.

Let’s say your slightly-above-minimum-wage-too-much-black-tea-drinking-always-in-your-personal-space employer were to say to you: “Downer! I want you to try this” and you reply with “No dude, I can’t” without any real effort… regardless of how you feel about him or her you’d eventually get fired. Kicked to the curb.

So why fire yourself without trying? Don’t do it Debbster.

And while I’m at it…

Lose The Bra! (Or The BRO, As Kramer Would Have It)

Here’s a tip:

Change your attitude to challenges and you’ll achieve success quicker. Here’s how…

Shift your mindset when something “different” presents itself. Learn to embrace a little change. Don’t be afraid. Say to  yourself “Ok, let’s see what happens when I try this…” You might surprise yourself!

Throughout history the leaders, shows, businesses, artists, books and technologies that made an effort to try, think and embrace something different became the most successful. Tell yourself you CAN do it. Your mind will believe you.

So drop the excuses Double D, and throw out the negative support like a bad department store brassiere. (It never looked good on you anyway.) Burn that bad attitude! Judo-kick the self-defeating, self-doubting crap to the curb and start trying. Make an effort. Be optimistic.

And you’ll eventually see that yes, you can, Can, CAN!

– Shawn Byfield

PS: Do you know any Debbie’s? Does being optimistic help you? Are you afraid of trying? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you.

Proven Advice To Make This Your Best Year Yet – Starting TODAY

Proven Advice To Make This Your Best Year Yet – Starting TODAY

Happy New Year! Now that I got the formality out of the way, let me go out on a limb. I’m willing to bet that this new year is no different than last.

Correct me if I’m wrong… but I’m sure I can safely say you started out with goals and aspirations. Which probably started out ok, until those dreams got sidetracked with family issues, insecurities, debt and roller coaster rides.

Hey, that’s part of life. We all experience the ups and downs, and that’s ok too. But let me get right to the point: Don’t EVER doubt the potential of your dreams.

I’m telling you, don’t do it.

Listen.  I’m not a psychologist. And I’m no Dr. Phil. I dance for a living. But because of my profession and experience, I’m 100% qualified to tell you this:

“Yes, you can absolutely, totally do WHATEVER you want. And you CAN achieve whatever your heart desires.”

It’s true. Now here’s my reality check for you. I call it “tough love…”

Nothing in life is predictable. We DON’T know what’s going to happen one day to the next. You can not control absolutely everything. Even science is made up of “theories” that hold their ground for a while, until the next “theory” replaces it.

And in our lives, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities on what could happen to us tomorrow. That’s reality. We simply don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

But the “bumpy roller coaster of life” is a guaranteed experience. You can always say with confidence that you WILL have some sort of drama, emergency, and upset that throws you off course. There has never, and I mean NEVER- been a human being on this planet that had a completely smooth, hassle-free, life long journey.

So if you want to sit there and whine “poor me… why me?…” then guess what? The rest of the world is going through it too.

So what makes YOU different?

My friend, here’s the most amazing, life changing advice I can offer. Brian Tracy (yes, THE Brian Tracy) shared this with me and some colleagues last year:

“The most important part of today is what you do afterwards”

Listen. We ALL have a purpose. We ALL have big dreams, passions, and adventures we want to experience. What makes you different is what you DO afterwards…

Will you end today without taking action? Wishing and daydreaming something will happen? Or are you going to end today by listening to that inner voice telling you it’s ok to take a step, and just go for it?

I hope you choose to take a step! It doesn’t have to be huge, or 10 steps today. Just taking ONE is better than standing still.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s another thing not in my skill set: I’m no psychic. But I CAN promise you this: If you keep doing what you’re always doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

In science, every stimulus needs a response. In the words of Einstein:

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

This year, I encourage you to MOVE. That’s all. JUST MOVE. Just by taking one small step, you’re not standing still.

If you take just one small step every day, you build your confidence as you gain momentum. Imagine how much closer to your goals you can be one year from now!

I believe ANYONE CAN DANCE. I’ve always believed that, and that’s what I do. I teach anyone to dance, and let them know it’s totally ok to make mistakes. That’s how we learn to do things better.

Do I have ups and downs? Absolutely. Every week. Sometimes every day. I’m great at some things and suck at others. So what? Nobody’s perfect.* So I keep learning and keep moving forward, and I urge you to do the same. Trust yourself, take the leap, and ask the Universe for guidance.

* SIDE NOTE: Get over it. Get over the notion that you have to be “perfect” at everything. NOBODY is perfect, except Jesus. Do you seriously believe you’re that holy? You’re going to be bad at stuff, so GET OVER IT and move on.

What do you believe in? What do you want to do? What do you need more of?

Some people want, and need, to dance… Turns out that I’m qualified to help! (Click here to improve your dance skills)

Others want a new job, more money, want to travel to Cambodia, learn to cook, become a model, be a public speaker, graduate, learn kung-fu, get a new certification, become the boss, write a book, backpack across Europe, sail around the world, work for themselves, aid the poor, raise healthy children… and a million other things that make us feel appreciated, empowered and valuable.

“If you want to reap the rewards of believing in yourself, you must take a step TODAY.”

Start by listening to your gut. Stop tuning out that inner voice. It’s YOUR VOICE, so listen to it. Yes, you CAN have whatever you want out of life this year. MOVE towards getting it, and you just might amaze yourself.

I wish you a wildly successful and adventurous New Year! And remember to enjoy the roller coaster ride. 😉

– Shawn Byfield

About The Author:

Shawn Byfield ( is an award winning choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance.

Do You Need Permission To Achieve Greatness?

Happy 2010 friends! Even though 2009 presented wonderful opportunities, I’m totally fired up about this year. I really am. My engines are revved like an Indy racecar zooming down the track.

I want you to get excited about the vast, endless possibilities that will come through, because I KNOW you have passions other than what you’re currently doing.

We all do. It’s human nature. We all want to achieve great things, do fun activities, love passionately, live inspiring lives and embrace people that enrich our day.

But sometimes, life gives us obstacles. Like frustrations, challenges and other bull sh#t. Would you agree?

Life’s obstacles can’t be avoided. That’s part of the deal we get. And sometimes, we feel it’s too much to handle. Or too scary. Or we need approval from someone else. Or, or, or…

But the good news is, you CAN take a detour. You can climb over. Or go around. Sure, it may take a bit longer. But what’s the rush?

OK, listen up. I want you to embrace this next message. This may be the most important thing you’ll read all year:

“Don’t Wait For Permission”

There’s ALWAYS going to be a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t. Hey, I’m first to admit I come up with excuses sometimes also…

…but I eventually remind myself that I’m capable of growing bigger. Like baby tulips growing in a garden, reaching for the sun. Nature has tons of examples like this.

Of all the learning you’ll do this year, of all the experiences you’ll encounter, I want you to apply this one thing to start your year off.

“Don’t Wait For Permission”

You know how many times I’ve heard other people’s doubts, concerns and hesitations toward what I want and love to do? Know how many

“I don’t think so’s” or “that’s a bad idea’s” or “maybe you shouldn’t’s” I’ve had come though my life? (If you haven’t noticed, I’m a guy that dances. I’ve been hearing doubts and rejections from other people since an early age.)

Yes, opinions and advice should always be listened to when they come from qualified, experienced, reliable sources. I personally love getting constructive advice, and I’ve learned to ask whenever I need it.

But we Canadians have a reputation for being a safe, reserved society that people are afraid of taking risks. Because we sometimes listen to the WRONG opinions. And that’s whats holding so many people back.

In nature, Tulips continue to reach for the sun whether they see the light or not. Nature doesn’t wait for permission.

And neither should you. So why not choose to reach for the sun?

“Don’t Wait For Permission”

I suggest you write that quote out somewhere you can see it daily.  Make it your screen saver. Update your profile status. Get those fridge magnet-thingys and spell it out.

If you NEED permission, here it is! I’m giving it to you right now, today! Go ahead. Start. Try. Achieve. Love. Be great. Do greater.

You now have “permission” to make your year incredible. But truthfully- you had it all along.

See you in the garden,

– Shawn B

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