Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies

Ever wonder about this confusing science stuff? I hear ya. In the award-winning show i Think i Can, the class science teacher Miss McColl (hilariously played by Melody Johnson) energizes her students with her passion for physics and discovery and challenges them to win First Prize at this year’s Science Fair. But what the heckContinue reading “Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies”

Top 7 Inspirational Science Quotes

Top 7 Inspirational Science Quotes From Miriam McColl Nobel Prize Winning Physicist And Science Teacher By Day Miriam McColl discusses physics at Quantum Leap Public School. Here’s a few quotes for aspiring scientists of the world: 7. The Laws of Motion are my favourite notion! 6. Isn’t it amazing what grows in the dark? 5.Continue reading “Top 7 Inspirational Science Quotes”

New Study Reports Negative Effects Of Homework

New Study Reports Negative Effects Of Homework A new study on younger school-age students shows that doing too much homework can decrease grades and actually diminish interest in the classroom. The excessive workload prevents kids from demonstrating comprehension, especially when studying scientific principles. “It’s true. Too much homework can be overwhelming and creates an undesirable,Continue reading “New Study Reports Negative Effects Of Homework”