Britney Spears Looks Hot In Toronto

Work it Brit! The Circus star, Miss Britney Spears, led her concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Wednesday. Fun theme, and alluring wardrobe choices in the show. I think we’ll call it “Big Top fashion,” which paid tribute to a variety of circus performers of past and present. Mixed reviews have beenContinue reading “Britney Spears Looks Hot In Toronto”

Britney Spears Toronto Concert Review

Britney’s back, betch! BUT NOT the way I was hoping. Here’s my Toronto concert review. Yes, she’s had a rough few years, lost some hair… and had kids. But this was the concert to show the world she’s still in charge. Did she convince the screaming fans of Toronto? I’m not sure… PCD opened upContinue reading “Britney Spears Toronto Concert Review”