MAKE YOUR MOVE: Newest Dance Movie Features Toronto Dance Talent

It finally comes out! And YES, I’m in this movie with Kpop superstar artist BoA, and Dancing With The Stars champ and actor Derek Hough. Same writer/director as Step Up and Save The Last Dance (Duane Adler- he’s awesome, I had a ton of fun working with him.) So if you enjoyed those energizing moviesContinue reading “MAKE YOUR MOVE: Newest Dance Movie Features Toronto Dance Talent”

Beat The World Hits Theatres in Toronto

AMC Dundas Square Show Times (FRI/SAT/SUN):   2:00   4:30   7:00   9:25 MOVIE TRAILER AT: Join us THIS SAT & SUN EVENING for a meet and greet with SHO-TYME (“EASY” in BEAT THE WORLD & CHOREOGRAPHER for SYTYCDC)

Step Up 3D Dances In The Streets

Step Up 3D Dances In The Streets A super fun Step Up 3D DVD street buzz promotion with dancers from Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto.  This all took place during the holidays, to promote the dance movie which is now on DVD. Watch the video, grab the movie and get inspired! – Shawn B