Attention Business Students: Four Leaders Wanted

ATTENTION BUSINESS STUDENTS! I’m looking for FOUR driven leaders who: – Want to build and be owners in a kick-ass global business – Are passionate about helping others and their community – Are results oriented and want to earn an extra $750 by end of this month If you’re interested, please INBOX me ASAP. ThisContinue reading “Attention Business Students: Four Leaders Wanted”

iPhone4 Or iPhone5? Consuela From Family Guy Helps You Choose

Hmm. iPhone4 or iPhone5? I know some of you are still caught up on the whole iPhone5 frenzy. But honestly, the only main difference is… it’s like, 2mm thinner. Oh, and you get one more row of icons. Yep. That’s it! Whoo hoo. So WHY spend $400 bucks for a nearly identical device? You knowContinue reading “iPhone4 Or iPhone5? Consuela From Family Guy Helps You Choose”

SMILE! More Incredibly Attractive Headshots In Toronto

SMILE! More Incredibly Attractive Headshots In Toronto Here’s more head shots and photos of dancers, models, actors and teachers I’ve shot recently. So where can you get headshots in Toronto exactly? Either at my Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience, at my bright apartment, or at a creative non-distracting location with good light. To takeContinue reading “SMILE! More Incredibly Attractive Headshots In Toronto”

STRIKE A POSE! Incredibly Attractive Headshots At BDX

Apparently, incredibly attractive dancers come to BDX! Maybe it’s something in the water? Just a few head shots and photos of Toronto teachers and dancers I’ve shot recently. Know anyone? I’ll be offering a SPECIAL rate for anyone who dances at my Toronto dance studio for adults, Byfield Dance Experience. I shoot either at theContinue reading “STRIKE A POSE! Incredibly Attractive Headshots At BDX”


[Shawn Byfield’s Toronto dance email update April 3rd, 2012] Happy April! Spring has officially arrived. Did it hit you like it hit me? Because just the other day I had a “holy eff” moment- “It’s already April? I swear it was just New Years…” Yup, we’ve all been busy, I haven’t even written to youContinue reading “UPDATE: How To TURBOCHARGE Your Spring”

Laurier’s Lesson In Teamwork And Leadership

So recently I judged a fantastic festival, the South Asian Alliance Cultural Show (SAACS) in Mississauga. The university dance competition is like no other. Each school is required to produce a production dance routine, featuring four dance categories: Bollywood, Bhangra, Classical Indian dance and Fusion, a combination of other dance genres. They’re also responsible forContinue reading “Laurier’s Lesson In Teamwork And Leadership”