Instant Dance Motivation – Roman Speaks

Instant Dance Motivation – Roman Speaks Roman shares some motivation words of action, to inspire the world to dance. Plus, check out his awesome dance moves- gliding like his inspiration, Michael Jackson. Share your love of dance with Roman, and get inspired! – Shawn B

What We Did Behind The Scenes: Blues Brothers 2000

Flashback! If you didn’t know, I was in the hit movie Blues Brothers 2000. Shout out to the great Toronto talent! I’m in the GREEN pants and tie… Summertime Heat Man, were those suits HOT. We’d be dripping after each take and would need to immediately stand in front of the air conditioner when they yelled “CUT!”.Continue reading “What We Did Behind The Scenes: Blues Brothers 2000”

All The Good Things To Celebrate…

Hi [[firstname]], Shawn here, with a quick update: * – 1.) There are no dance classes July 1st. Celebrate! * – 2.) It’s been an emotional week for many of us, with the passing of beloved icons. Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson (among others) all chose to be the best they could beContinue reading “All The Good Things To Celebrate…”

Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness

Last night was our first Halloween Dance Party at Six Degrees Nightclub. And man, what a dance party it was! It proved Toronto likes to get down. I taught a free basic dance lesson to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. Fun times! I must say, it’s so friggin’ cool seeing an entire club full of zombies danceContinue reading “Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness”