DAILY INSPIRATION: Even If You’re Broke…

Some daily inspiration and motivation for you. Even if you’re broke, you can make a difference. Remember: true value isn’t created by how much money and “stuff” you have. It’s based on your positive relationships with PEOPLE. Sure “stuff” is nice and makes for more fun, but that’s just icing on the cake. Figure outContinue reading “DAILY INSPIRATION: Even If You’re Broke…”

What Kind Of CHANGE Will Affect YOUR Campaign?

“What Kind Of CHANGE Will Affect YOUR Campaign?” Article (c) 2008 Shawn Byfield My friend, the US elections are upon us. I mean, they’re upon the American people, not upon us Canadians. And I like that word, “upon.” What was I talking about again? Politics. Guess that’s why I could only write one sentence beforeContinue reading “What Kind Of CHANGE Will Affect YOUR Campaign?”