The Absolute Best Way To Start Your Thanksgiving…

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The absolute best way to start your Thanksgiving weekend… is to GIVE!

That’s exactly what dozens of funky friends did tonight at Byfield Dance Experience (BDX), my new Toronto dance studio. Everyone who participated in tonight’s free hip hop dance classes brought non-perishable food donations for Toronto’s Food Bank.

After the two SWEATY hip hop dance classes, we loaded up not one, but two 50 L Tupperware buckets of food into Jenna’s car to be donated. That’s a lot of groceries!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for dancing with us, and for your support. That kind of giving is truly a wonderful gesture.

You could have been anywhere else on this cloudy night, but instead you made a choice to think of others who could use your support. Because of your energy, we didn’t even notice the rain with all the positive energy filling the dance studio!

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Enjoy your extra Karma points 🙂 and have an amazing, delicious, and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving weekend.

– Shawn B

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Learn To Hip Hop Dance In Toronto

Hey Adults- Come Learn To Hip Hop Dance In Toronto!

Some Toronto students learning to Hip Hop Dance.

Some Toronto students learning to Hip Hop Dance.

What up Toronto! If you want to learn how to hip hop dance this summer, and you’re an adult that lives in the Toronto area, be sure to check out the hip hop dance classes I offer for adults.

You’ll learn hip hop dance moves bit by bit, one step at a time. Everyone learns to dance at different speeds, so don’t worry if you have two left feet. And don’t worry what other people are doing- just do you!

Our Toronto hip hop classes are pretty full, but if you seriously want to learn hip hop dance moves, the beginner dance class is what you’ll need.

Drop us a line at our website for the details. Everyone’s been having a fun time learning some new hip hop dance moves at our dance classes in Toronto.

Are you looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and get moving this summer? This might be it!

– Shawn Byfield