A Sure Way To Experience Friendship This Season

Guess what? The old saying “Good friends are hard to find” is NOT true. Because at BDX, you’re NEVER short of friends. Celebrate the season with special people. People that make you smile. Buddies that look forward to seeing you every time you show up. Social companions. And people that miss you when you’re away?Continue reading “A Sure Way To Experience Friendship This Season”

Last Minute Gift Shopping Stress?

Toronto last minute gift shoppers. I just want to say… It’s not too late to have a stress-free holiday! For some reason, during the season where we should have the LEAST amount of stress, our society takes on extra burdens with deadlines, shopping and events. I know the Christmas season is NOT about shopping, butContinue reading “Last Minute Gift Shopping Stress?”

Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome

Here’s something quick that’ll make you happy today! See below: http://www.ShawnByfield.com/happy.htm = = = = = = = = = = = = = = “Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome” * 1.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Healthy: It’s true. From all the cardio, stretching and regular exercise you get from regular dance classes, dancersContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome”

The Case Of The Missing Granny Panties

Shawn here. I was MORTIFIED yesterday. Why? Because I found a pair of “granny panties” in my laundry! Gross… But before I tell you the story, a few people were asking about Holiday dance gifts for your peeps. Click that link, or this image below for info: I’ll get back to the holiday gift stuffContinue reading “The Case Of The Missing Granny Panties”

Toronto Dance Holiday Event Details

Hey friends, The “Toronto Holiday Bonanza and Dance Celebration” is quickly approaching! Here’s the flyer… As mentioned in my last post, it’s time for a new Toronto dance studio. As well as much needed dance rehearsal space for dance companies of all styles. All the info is at the website: http://ShawnByfield.com/fundraiser.htm The line up ofContinue reading “Toronto Dance Holiday Event Details”

Santa Says Yo Yo Yo! Give Dance Classes This Holiday

Aww yea, share your love for dance! Here’s the perfect gift for friends and family. Especially for that closet dancer who keeps saying they want to learn to dance… Now you can get them involved. Click the flyer for more info and to grab a really cool gift. A great way to start the NewContinue reading “Santa Says Yo Yo Yo! Give Dance Classes This Holiday”