INSPIRATION: Dance Experience Magazine – SPRING 2011

Dance Experience Magazine – SPRING 2011 is here! Click the PASSION cover image above to get the magazine. Starting now, we’ll be sharing our PASSIONS for life, dance and friendships on a seasonal basis. DXM always has current news, useful tips, motivating words of wisdom, and personal interviews that you’ll relate to. This month… ANDContinue reading “INSPIRATION: Dance Experience Magazine – SPRING 2011”

Step Up 3D Dances In The Streets

Step Up 3D Dances In The Streets A super fun Step Up 3D DVD street buzz promotion with dancers from Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto.  This all took place during the holidays, to promote the dance movie which is now on DVD. Watch the video, grab the movie and get inspired! – Shawn B

A Facebook Lover’s ONLINE Birthday Celebration

It’s my birthday week! March 12th is the official day. And because it’s my birthday week (dubbed the Shawnathon), here’s a special invite for my Facebook dance lovers: Let’s get down! – Shawn B

Toronto Club Dance Mashup Video

Just a fun video I made, of Wednesday night club dance photos. The photos are from So You Think You Can Dance Wednesdays at Six Degrees Nightclub, Toronto. Check it: Toronto Club Dance Mashup Video [clearspring_widget title=”” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”491a21de2bb9df69″ width=”432″ height=”260″ domain=””] Next event: November 26th. Click here to join the facebook group for moreContinue reading “Toronto Club Dance Mashup Video”

Dance Classes Toronto Photos

Hey friends, Just a few photos from dance classes in Toronto. See what we’ve been up to in our tap dance, hip hop dance and club dance classes. Wednesday night club dance classes have been wicked. We’re still growing, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from dancing and havin’ a fun social time. Let me knowContinue reading “Dance Classes Toronto Photos”

Thrive Entertainment Hip Hop Master Classes

Thrive Entertainment Hip Hop Master Classes! Just a heads up, Jeff Wong and I will be changing the way we do things… and we have an exciting future planned for the start of next year! In the meantime, we’ll be running some kick @ss Sunday classes at Metro Movement starting this month. For anyone thatContinue reading “Thrive Entertainment Hip Hop Master Classes”

Proven Formula Helps You Look Cooler In ANY Hip Hop Class

Here’s a recent article you might enjoy! – SB The Proven Formula to Help You Look Cooler In Any Hip Hop Class © Shawn Byfield So Congratulations! You’re obviously thinking about taking a plunge into the world of hip hop dance. Just so you know, hip hop class is a great outlet to release theContinue reading “Proven Formula Helps You Look Cooler In ANY Hip Hop Class”

Class Hip Hop Dance Videos

* * * * * * * * * * HAPPY 2008 FRIENDS! Remember, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible this year. “Impossible” is just another word for “challenge”. * * * * * * * * * * So here’s a few videos of random hip hop stuff from class and a Thrive rehearsal lastContinue reading “Class Hip Hop Dance Videos”

Registration for Hip Hop Dance Classes In Toronto… And Gemini Awards

Good day! Instead of typing forever, October’s Dance Newsletter is in video format. I do talk a lot, but it’s a much more entertaining way to get time-sensitive info on: hip hop dance classes, a new system, online registration, a sweet sale, Gemini Award info… and the state of my bladder. Make sure you DON’TContinue reading “Registration for Hip Hop Dance Classes In Toronto… And Gemini Awards”