TEACHERS: Why A Little Encouragement Can Do Wonders

Shawn Byfield teaches the next generation of dancers.

Hey teachers, a little encouragement can go a long way!

Never underestimate the power of your words with your students. The words that come out of your mouth matter. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it… But some of it will *actually* stick!

Encouragement is always memorable. So try your best to make sure whatever you DO say, sticks for the right reasons. 

– Shawn Byfield

As a sought-after presenter, choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To start learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.

Beginner Hip Hop Choreography- Saturday’s Class

Beginner Hip Hop Choreography- Saturday Class

WARNING: The people in this video are NOT trained professionals. DO try this at home…

ANYONE can learn to dance with the right dance teacher – I might know someone 😉 and enough patience and heart. As Obama said: Yes We Can; And now the motto is Yes We Did!

See for yourself. Check out the hip hop dance video from a recent beginner adult hip hop class. Be sure to leave a comment!

Shawn Byfield

Recent Hip Hop Dance Classes

Need inspiration for dance class? Here’s some hip hop dance videos to check out. They’re from my adult Toronto hip hop classes:

Hip Hop Class Behind The Scenes (This one’s recent)

Shawn Byfield Hip Hop Class (recent)

Hip Hop Dance Class- R&B (This one’s old)

That’s all for today. If you found even just one bit of the dance moves interesting or inspiring, leave your comments. And if you didn’t, comment anyway!

– Shawn Byfield