TRUE STORY: Directing & Shooting Music Videos Isn’t As Easy As You Think

A music video I shot and co-directed for super talented actor, architect, public speaker and soul hop artist aka Subliminal. Very powerful message in “For My People” sparked from recent turmoil in the U.K. and our global economic and financial crisis. The music video shoot took place on Toronto’s popular Queen Street West, with myContinue reading “TRUE STORY: Directing & Shooting Music Videos Isn’t As Easy As You Think”

Totally Cool 60 Second Weekend Update (Better Than SNL)

Remember the days of Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Kevin Nealon & Tina Fey’s Weekend Updates, and Lonely Planet videos? Remember when Ashlee Simpson was busted lip-syncing on live TV, then covered up doing a hoedown dance? Not sure about you, I used to watch SNL religiously every Saturday night. Guaranteed smiles and gut-busting laughs. But…Continue reading “Totally Cool 60 Second Weekend Update (Better Than SNL)”

Hip Hop Music For Dance Class

Hey dancers! Here’s some recent dance shots from my birthday- I was just browsing my computer and thought they looked fun. Anyway, here’s a free music playlist of 10 recent hip hop music tracks I’ve used in dance class the past month or so. You can get ’em on iTunes, or just buy the musicContinue reading “Hip Hop Music For Dance Class”