The Secret Truth About What’s On Your Playlist RIGHT NOW

HELLO… And I’m So NERVOUS Why am I nervous? Because: “Who is MJ?” Someone young actually asked me last month. In the words of Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On?! We officially have a generation of aspiring dancers, upcoming singers and rising artists with NO IDEA of where good music came from! Forget that fact that many of them have noContinue reading “The Secret Truth About What’s On Your Playlist RIGHT NOW”

Hip Hop Music For Dance Class

Hey dancers! Here’s some recent dance shots from my birthday- I was just browsing my computer and thought they looked fun. Anyway, here’s a free music playlist of 10 recent hip hop music tracks I’ve used in dance class the past month or so. You can get ’em on iTunes, or just buy the musicContinue reading “Hip Hop Music For Dance Class”