Behind The Scenes: Hip Hop Class at BDX Toronto Dance Studio

Hip Hop Class – BDX Toronto Dance Studio

A hip hop class atย Toronto Dance Studio Byfield Dance Experience (BDX). Behind the scenes Blackberry tour.ย Where REGULAR people come to dance! Hip hop dance class with the Eastsidaz track “I Love It.”

BDX is a fun, drama and stress-free dance studio in Toronto for adults. If you haven’t been to a ย hip hop dance class before, this school is where you learn the moves.

Recent Hip Hop Dance Classes

Need inspiration for dance class? Here’s some hip hop dance videos to check out. They’re from my adult Toronto hip hop classes:

Hip Hop Class Behind The Scenes (This one’s recent)

Shawn Byfield Hip Hop Class (recent)

Hip Hop Dance Class- R&B (This one’s old)

That’s all for today. If you found even just one bit of the dance moves interesting or inspiring, leave your comments. And if you didn’t, comment anyway!

– Shawn Byfield

Toronto TV Hip Hop Lesson

Showing Mary how to get grounded for hip hop

Showing Mary how to get grounded for hip hop

I love TV interviews. Last Thursday, I was interviewed by the host of CBC’s Living In Toronto, Mary Ito. She has a daytime television show, with segments that focus on getting active and trying fun, new activities in Toronto.

A few things we discussed were the origins and evolution of hip hop dance from the street dancers of the late 70’s. We also briefly talked about the hip hop choreography of today, how mainstream hip hop dance has become, what my dance class style is, the relationship of hip hop music and hip hop dance, and how accessible learning to dance really is.

BTW, I do believe hip hop culture and dance is accessible to everybody who wants to learn, and should not be limited to a certain people or demographic. We had a great, engaging conversation, I hope the solid points in our conversation will be shown.

The best part… I had 3 of my dance students participate, all different levels. I led them through a short and easy warm up.ย  Mary joined us in learning some basic dance moves in a fun hip hop routine, which she’s never done before. She’s a TINY lady, and loves to dance. Watching her pop her “boo-tay” made my day!

Showing pulled up posture of ballet and contemporary dance

Showing pulled up posture of ballet and contemporary dance

Talking about hip hop dance

Sharing a moment

Posing with the group after the lesson

Posing with the group after the lesson

I hope her 17 year old son appreciates her new hip hop dance moves! Should be on TV in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

– Shawn B