Experience Fireworks. Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX

Experience Fireworks. Beginner Hip Hop Class at Byfield Dance Experience

Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX. Toronto adult dance classes always rock at our dance studio. And congratulations to all you new dancers doing hip hop dance choreography for the first time in your life!



Dance Ontario Weekend 2011 Showtimes


Get Inspired Toronto! Every year Dance Ontario hosts a showcase of diverse dance talent in the city. Schools, dance companies, individual performers and more activities take place at the Fleck Dance Theatre by the city’s beautiful Harbourfront Centre.

Visit the Dance Ontario website for more on the organization. Here’s the lineup for Dance Ontario Weekend 2011:


There’s a world of dance waiting for you. Happy show watching. And “merde” to all the performers!

– Shawn B

About The Author:

Shawn Byfield (www.ShawnByfield.com) is an award winning choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance.

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Discover BDX’s Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Classes Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto

Discover BDX’s Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto! Daily adult hip hop dance classes, beginners to advanced levels.

Yes, you CAN dance. Watch the video- some of the students there have never taken dance class before. But they just tried.

So just TRY! You might surprise yourself. Worst case scenario: you learn something new, get a great workout, meet awesome people, have a laugh, improve your health, tone up your legs and leave with a sexy glow… and sweaty bum.

– Shawn B

BDX adult hip hop dance classes Toronto

BDX hip hop dance classes Toronto

Byfield Dance Experience Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Byfield Dance Experience Toronto Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Of Dance Studio

BDX Studio Toronto 1 Year Anniversary

Yes friends… it’s BDX Studio’s first BIRTHDAY!

Can you believe it? It feels like just a short while ago I was spending numerous hours looking for the right space, and going through the frustrating roller-coaster of negotiating for ownership.

Then the time-consuming task of transforming the space into our new home for dance. Renovation delays, cleaning parties, a city workers strike (remember that? Remember the gutter installation Dallas company workers being shouted at by those city workers?), painting, delayed mirrors. And, and…

Holy cow. It’s fascinating how one year has zoomed by.

And here we are! Toronto’s newest dance studio exists. It’s my baby. And I’m a proud papa.

Which means… a party is in order! On Saturday October 23rd, we’ll have our birthday celebration. Snacks, performances and a frickin’ good time are to be expected- just like any other day!

RSVP today at info@ShawnByfield.com or click here so we know you’re coming.

BDX is not some self-indulgent venture. It’s a stress-busting escape for YOU. If you’ve been before, you’ll know that it’s a place do develop friendships, stay fit and confirm that a positive, uplifting experience truly does exist. And you deserve it.

You deserve it.

So get ready for a night of FUN. In the words of Rick James… “It’s a celebration b#tches! Enjoy Yo’selves.”

– Shawn B