Hip Hop Class At BDX Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Class Beginner & Intermediate Classes

Think you “can’t” dance? With the famous words of our favourite Gary Coleman (RIP) I say to you: “What chu talkin’ bout Willis?”

Here’s proof that REGULAR PEOPLE can (and DO) learn to dance- very well I might add. I’m not talking years here; I’m talking months. Watch this footage from a hip hop class at BDX in Toronto.

Almost everyone you see in this video started from zero when they first came to my Toronto hip hop dance classes. And they’re regular people just like you.

So remove the sentence “I can’t dance” from your vocabulary permanently. Because if they can learn to dance… so can you, Willis!

– Shawn Byfield

Behind The Scenes: Hip Hop Class at BDX Toronto Dance Studio

Hip Hop Class – BDX Toronto Dance Studio

A hip hop class at Toronto Dance Studio Byfield Dance Experience (BDX). Behind the scenes Blackberry tour. Where REGULAR people come to dance! Hip hop dance class with the Eastsidaz track “I Love It.”

BDX is a fun, drama and stress-free dance studio in Toronto for adults. If you haven’t been to a  hip hop dance class before, this school is where you learn the moves.

Toronto Dance Updates at Byfield Dance Experience

Hey Toronto!  Some cool dance updates for you…

* 1.) Tap Dogs Audition at BDX!
* 2.) New Beginner Hip Hop Classes
* 3.) New Tap Dance Classes
* 4.) Add To Your Playlist
* 5.) BDX Rental Video

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


* 1.) Tap Dogs Audition at BDX:

Looking for STRONG male tap dancers. BDX has the exclusive audition for the international tap show! Here’s info:


* 2.) New Beginner Hip Hop Classes:

We’ve added a class Saturdays 11 am, AND a Monday evening 6:15 pm class. Nice!

* 3.) New Tap Dance Classes:

We’ve split Tuesday classes! Elementary level for rusty tappers AND a mixed Intermediate/ Advanced class for serious hoofers. Check the schedule:


* 4.) Add To Your Playlist:

In all classes last week, we danced to “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai. This week:

–> Hip hop routine: “Sittin’ On Top Of  The World” by Brandy.
–> Tap routine: “Turn Your Love Around” by George Benson.

* 5.) BDX Rental Video:

Byfield Dance Experience is open for rentals. Need space for an audition? Rehearsals? Workshops? Theatre or acting classes? Film or TV casting? Watch this totally cool video I made for you:

Lots of stuff happening at BDX! Feel free to comment, blog, post and share.

Happy dancing,

– Shawn B

BDX- Byfield Dance Experience, 819 Yonge Street, Lower Level, Toronto, ON M4W 2G9, Canada

BDX Toronto Dance Studio Photos

bdx 048 (Custom)

Thank you thank you thank you everyone who came out to our Grand Opening! We’re finally officially open, thanks to the ribbon cutting ceremony. You rock Jenna!

I love friends, desserts, surprises, fun parties… and slide shows. Here’s just a handful of photos of Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto. Drop by to see the rest in person, and for some hip hop or tap dance classes.

Yup, ANYONE can dance!

See Photos of BDX Toronto Dance Studio

Shawn Byfield

How To Get To BDX Dance Classes In Toronto


So here’s the address for the dance studio. Yup, our new dance classes in Toronto are right on Yonge Street! Studio name: BYFIELD DANCE EXPERIENCE, or BDX for short.

How To Get To Your New Dance Classes in Toronto

If you’re taking the subway, get off at BLOOR/YONGE subway stop.

Walk 90 seconds NORTH on Yonge Street, pass the Toronto Reference Library, and you’ll see it beside Shoppers Drug Mart on the right side of the street.

Dance Class Toronto

Dance Class Toronto

There’s no dance studio sign in the photo, but I will be having signage on the wall soon. Head inside to the lower level, 2200 sq feet of your bright new home.

It’s right at the intersection of Yonge and Davenport. Just north of Yonge and Bloor. Safe and bright location. You’ll find us at the edge of Rosedale and Yorkville, extremely reputable neighbourhoods in our fine city!


You’ll see Canadian Tire across the street, and MTV diagonally across from the dance studio.


Any Parking Near Toronto Dance Classes?

If you’re driving (which I DON’T recommend), there is GREEN P parking on Yonge Street by the Reference Library. I think it’s expensive. And busy (it IS Yonge & Bloor after all).

Apparently, if you buy more than $5 worth of stuff at Canadian Tire, you can park there for free. I don’t drive, and I don’t recommend you keep buying mops and humidifiers just so you can save $5 bucks… so somebody let me know.

If I were you, I’d choose to be stress free and environmentally friendly. Take the transit, it’s way easier.

So there it is Toronto! Now you know how to get to your next dance class.

Yes, I Am Mentally Stable- Don’t Call The Shrink…

I’ll be having a huge opening celebration and a top-secret opening sale (which may not be so top-secret now that I mentioned it) next week, September 2nd.

It’s the biggest, most ridiculously daring sale I’ve ever launched in my teaching career, EVER. I can guarantee that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) has done this before… and probably never will.

HEADS UP: Once you hear about it, you’ll most likely think I’m crazy, need some serious medication and should be admitted to the mental ward on Queen Street. Please, please DON’T call the psycho ward. I promise I’m NOT going nuts!

Anyway, stay tuned to your inbox this week.

If you love dance, and have been DYING for a place where it’s 100% ok if you have little dance training (or none), just wanna dance and have some fun, plus make some kick-#ss friends while you do it, then you won’t want to miss the hook up.

– Shawn B