Free Halloween Dance Event in Toronto

Shawn here. You’re invited to our free Halloween event this Wednesday night! Come on out in costume, it’ll be a blast. Anyone in costume before 10 pm is in for free. I’ve included Jenna’s press release below with the details. I can’t wait to see your costume! 😉 – Shawn B = = = =Continue reading “Free Halloween Dance Event in Toronto”

How To Dance Hip Hop Tips #1

Hey friends, If you want to know how to dance hip hop better than your current skills, just think of Kanye’s song lyrics: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. The lyrics basically tell you what you need to know. Learning how to hip hop dance like a pro WILL take hard work, just like anything else inContinue reading “How To Dance Hip Hop Tips #1”

You Think You Can Dance Canada? Who’s The Judge?

For this week’s question: Who should be a JUDGE for So You Think Canada? We know the dance auditions happen soon, and the tv commercial is out. But who will the judges be? Before we get to that, a drum roll please: Here’s the bloggers that won FREE dance classes in Toronto: Natalie Bercovitz ShimContinue reading “You Think You Can Dance Canada? Who’s The Judge?”

How Does Dance Enhance Your Life?

Jump for joy- it’s time for a contest! So in case you didn’t know, I dance for a living. Not just through classes and workshops, but as a performer, choreographer, company director and show producer. For me, dance allows me to create something tangible- choreography, movement, stories and pictures- from what was once a thoughtContinue reading “How Does Dance Enhance Your Life?”