Juno Awards Flash Mob Takes Over Toronto

2010 JUNO Awards Flash Mob Toronto 2010 JUNO Awards Flash Mob at Yorkdale Mall, Toronto. This is frickin’ sweet! How many times do you get to see regular people bust out in public? I created the dance choreography, planned rehearsals, & direction of the event. The filming & editing by THE Chris James of Grey AreaContinue reading “Juno Awards Flash Mob Takes Over Toronto”

If This Doesn’t Prove ANYONE Can Dance, What Will?

Stop what you’re doing and WATCH THIS. This performance was a surprise treat to celebrate Oprah’s 24th season. Black Eyed Peas and Oprah’s team organized the largest dance flash mob in history. Dance choreographer Ashley Wallen put together the fun routine for over 20,000 residents of Chicago. Only TWENTY of them were professional dancers! IContinue reading “If This Doesn’t Prove ANYONE Can Dance, What Will?”