[Shawn Byfield’s Toronto dance email update April 3rd, 2012] Happy April! Spring has officially arrived. Did it hit you like it hit me? Because just the other day I had a “holy eff” moment- “It’s already April? I swear it was just New Years…” Yup, we’ve all been busy, I haven’t even written to youContinue reading “UPDATE: How To TURBOCHARGE Your Spring”

BDX ROCKS Part 1: How Will The New Changes Affect You?

Ok! Welcome to the start of your new life. I have tons of good stuff to share that’ll make 2012 your best year ever. Byfield Dance Experience is still growing and is transitioning into an even better, well ah, experience. THIS IS JUST PART ONE of all the info. Seriously, this place is gonna rockContinue reading “BDX ROCKS Part 1: How Will The New Changes Affect You?”