Toronto Dance Auditions – PRE AUDITION NOTICE

**ATTENTION DANCERS** I have gigs & performance opportunities coming up that I’ll need talent for. I need performers who can do MORE than one style, and will hold a Toronto dance audition sometime next few weeks. If you only take hip hop, this is not for you. Not interesting. And yes, I will give preferenceContinue reading “Toronto Dance Auditions – PRE AUDITION NOTICE”

The Complete Guide To Finding The Perfect Woman At Recess

Ahh yes. The mystery of Woman. Hear her roar. Us mortal men have asked the same pressing questions for centuries: What does she want? What does she mean? Why is she: [doing this] [saying that] [acting weird] [eating so much] [not eating anything] with me? My futile attempt to search for the answers may humourContinue reading “The Complete Guide To Finding The Perfect Woman At Recess”