BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto Our positive, fun energy makes Byfield Dance Experience one of the best dance studios in Toronto. Tap dance classes or hip hop lessons, it’s ALL good. BDX is so WILD! If you’re looking for a super-awesome, no drama, positive energy dance school in Toronto, it don’t get much betterContinue reading “BDX Hip Hop Dance Studio In Toronto”

What Do Real Toronto Dance Students Have To Say?

What Are BDX Toronto Dance Lessons REALLY Like? Don’t take my word for it… Here’s what real Toronto dance students have to share about classes at BDX – Byfield Dance Experience (Yes, they are REAL dance students, unscripted.) They shed a few thoughts on our super-fun tap dance and hip hop dance lessons. Good to know!Continue reading “What Do Real Toronto Dance Students Have To Say?”

Juno Awards Flash Mob Takes Over Toronto

2010 JUNO Awards Flash Mob Toronto 2010 JUNO Awards Flash Mob at Yorkdale Mall, Toronto. This is frickin’ sweet! How many times do you get to see regular people bust out in public? I created the dance choreography, planned rehearsals, & direction of the event. The filming & editing by THE Chris James of Grey AreaContinue reading “Juno Awards Flash Mob Takes Over Toronto”

Dance Is Music Made Visible

Dance is music made visible. It’s so true. Give music to a dancer and we can’t help but move to the beat! I believe we are all dancers. Of course, some of us have more training than others. And some of us are terribly awkward! But you know what? We all have a desire toContinue reading “Dance Is Music Made Visible”

Thank You For Sharing In Dance!

Hi dancers, Grab some Kleenex ’cause this note is a little mushy… I need to take a minute of your day so I can express my gratitude to you. I want to say Thank You for participating in my classes. Allow me to get this off my chest: I want you to know how deeplyContinue reading “Thank You For Sharing In Dance!”

Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness

Last night was our first Halloween Dance Party at Six Degrees Nightclub. And man, what a dance party it was! It proved Toronto likes to get down. I taught a free basic dance lesson to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. Fun times! I must say, it’s so friggin’ cool seeing an entire club full of zombies danceContinue reading “Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness”

Toronto Dance Class Website- Excellent New Resource

Hey dancers, If you live in Toronto or the GTA, you’ll love the new Toronto Dance website! It’s a new resource dance website that breaks my Toronto dance classes down into levels. So if you’re looking for a beginner dance lesson, or an advanced dance class in Toronto, this website will help you findContinue reading “Toronto Dance Class Website- Excellent New Resource”