MAKE YOUR MOVE: Newest Dance Movie Features Toronto Dance Talent

It finally comes out!

And YES, I’m in this movie with Kpop superstar artist BoA, and Dancing With The Stars champ and actor Derek Hough. Same writer/director as Step Up and Save The Last Dance (Duane Adler- he’s awesome, I had a ton of fun working with him.) So if you enjoyed those energizing movies you’ll enjoy this also. =)

We shot Make Your Move (originally titled COBU) years ago, and rehearsed many of the dance scenes at schools across the city- including Toronto’s coolest dance studio Byfield Dance Experience. Heard of it?

This is also the film where I injured my back the FIRST TIME during rehearsals (remember all that acupuncture, massage and physio?) The second time was last year, randomly. But no worries, thanks to our amazing health professionals in Toronto, your boy is totally “back” to 100%.


The film comes out in North America April 18… when it shows in Toronto I’d like to do a big field trip to watch! Leave a comment below and let me know:

1.) If you’d like to have a movie date?

2.) Do you have a favourite scene in a dance movie?

I’ll keep you posted when I know more…
– Shawn Byfield

BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website

Shawn Byfield Dance Experience interview

Shawn Byfield Dance Experience interview

BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website

Byfield Dance eXperience (BDX) in Toronto celebrated their one year anniversary as a studio at the end of October.

A veteran of stage and screen, Shawn Byfield knew he would always open a space for dancers of all levels. His goal? To open up a place where regular people can just come and throw down and meet other people who share the same passion for dance.

While the studio is open to everyone, BDX is geared to the adults since, according to Byfield, there are already places for kids and teenagers to go and take classes.

“What about the rest of us who watch So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars? There’s no place for them to…” Read rest of feature on Want To Dance website

Emmy Nominations And Dance Mix Well

So, the 2008 Prime Time Emmy Awards are coming in September.

If you don’t know what the Emmy Awards are, it’s an annual awards show that “celebrates excellence in national prime time programming.” Quality television shows receive a nomination, that is voted on by the Academy. Kinda like the Oscars.

FYI: Canada’s similar broadcast is the Gemini Awards (for which yours truly was nominated for a 2007 Gemini award on the show Toronto Dances- frickin’ sweeeet!)

Anyway, did you know that Dancing With The Stars received 8 Emmy nominations? I think it’s pretty sweet the show received so many nominations, considering dance shows have only recently taken a mainstream interest on national television. Plus, it’s a reality show- so that tells us people are actually WATCHING!

Here’s my Emmy nomination formulae:

My math should be correct!

I think we need MORE dance shows on television.

Wait, let me rephrase that: I think we need more QUALITY dance shows on television. Sure, reality shows are fun, but wouldn’t it be great if producers started supporting non-reality shows? Here’s two ideas:

  1. What if I wrote a show where Cirque Du Soleil had an interactive, educational dance series for kids? The Cirque characters live in a colourful kindgom. They do a new dance step throughout the half hour program every week, and the kids viewing have to learn that step to free a new character from the evil AcroBAT every Saturday morning… like a monkey? Or a magical princess? Girls like princesses! 😉
  2. Or what about a sitcom where the main characters were untrained Broadway chorus dancers? The characters (who are French tourists) fake their way through a broadway audition- and they get hired! The choreographer loves their “energy” and is convinced he worked with them years ago in Europe. The wacky experiences they encounter sometimes lead them to getting a starring role, but because of some funny circumstance they end up back to chorus?

Those are just my crazy thoughts. But I’m sure if the producers of So You Think You Could Dance (which only received 3 Emmy Nominations for choreography), Project Runway and Dancing With The Stars teamed up with the writers of say, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Mad Men and Boston Legal (gotta love Shatner)…

…We’d have one kick @ss dance based television show with substance.

Hmmm. Maybe writing an Emmy nod worthy tv show will be MY next project! Anyone have other ideas for a dance television show?

– Shawn B

PS: Don’t steal my ideas… or I’ll hurt you. 😉 No, seriously.