How Your Mental Input Affects Your Output

Did you know: What you put IN to your brain determines what comes OUT of it? Watch this for a detailed explanation on how to apply this to the thoughts that might not be helping you! Need an event speaker, dance choreographer or personal coach? Connect with me here.  ALSO: A great resource for danceContinue reading “How Your Mental Input Affects Your Output”

DANCERS: What Will You Do With Your TIME?

WHAT A TIME we’re living in huh? It’s truly a challenging time for EVERYONE, not just for you or I.  People wonder how I’m still positive and I know many of you think I’m crazy. Trust me- I have my down moments. I struggle with my mistakes, my challenges, and our new global reality just likeContinue reading “DANCERS: What Will You Do With Your TIME?”

A Dancer’s Single Most Important Piece of Stress Advice

Shawn here. Let me ask you a quick question: Have you ever been stressed out? If you’re like so many others (including myself), I’m sure you have. But did you know that the single most important piece of stress advice you’ll ever get, comes from a dancer? It’s true. Ask anyone who’s ever taken aContinue reading “A Dancer’s Single Most Important Piece of Stress Advice”